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This week a patient had an internal revelation about his legs and the Girdle Vessel. He began asking me about how common the problem was. The answer – for all of the below issues – is far too common.

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[accordion-item title=”General Lower Jiao Deficiency”]Problems about the legs. Mostly caused by blockages in the Girdle (Dai) Vessel by bras, belts, and socks of all things. These issues are mostly to do with restricted circulation of blood and lymph leading to something called Wei or atrophy syndrome where the nerves no longer nourish the body correctly. To combat this, I mostly suggest you come to Tai Chi and Qigong classes, but if you want to try to move using cardiovascular that might work. The only problem is that it can, quite the opposite, exacerbate it. All depends on if you are moving and circulating Qi or not. This problem is almost ubiquitous among people over 60 I very rarely see anyone even over 50 without some amount of atrophy syndrome.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Female Hypothyroidism”]Female Secondary Hypothyroidism, which at its worst is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, is so common I would guesstimate that probably 60% of women are at some stage of it. Here’s the deal: women have more essence, men more Qi. If a man tried to menstruate he’d die. Yet we expect women to work the body in the same way as a man and continue doing female things and having menstrual cycles and children. It’s unfair and quite conversely to being liberating to women in the workplace it is anathema. It is literally killing women all over. The inability to have balanced hormones is due to the increasing insistence upon over use of the Zhi (willpower) and doing the same type of manual labors a male physique can easily do. One female athletic coach I know has the physique of an Olympian but internally is over 45 years old by age 25. And what makes this crisis worse is nobody is doing anything about it, and there is no plan: just keep women on Thyroid medication… forever. Shameful, albeit mostly caused not by conspiracy but ignorance.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Chronic Lyme’s Disease”]Chronic Lyme has arrived in Kentucky. It is actually only one type of Gu (parasitic) syndrome. What makes this crisis so insidious is the fact that the medical establishment fights the diagnosis and the media is not reporting it. Watch the documentaries yourself and you will see how widespread this epidemic has become. It is a terror moving through our nation and nobody is doing anything about it. You can help fight it by letting people know about Teasel Root, Umi-seaweed, and that we have herbals which treat Gu syndrome very thoroughly.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Creeping Weight Gain”]The slow rise of the population from overweight to obese to morbidly obese is so detrimental to our society. But the reason it is a crisis looming is that it is increasing. Again: no one is doing anything about it. Partially it is caused by the foods, and partially by sloth, and partially by computerized and sedentary lives, and partially by the fact that 40% of the population or more is Deficient Type. No matter what you must agree it is alarming to see the difference. It is harmful to the healthcare, the national defense, the economy, and of course the vitality and health and happiness (overall well-being) of Kentuckians and Americans at large.  I can help change this, but not if the powers and policy makers don’t ask me to. Until then it is likely to continue to worsen.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Chronic Fatigue, Depression, and Fibro”]The rise of overall Qi deficiency and related syndromes under that category is immense. It is not only the thyroid cases. Autoimmune cases, glycemia cases, psychiatric cases. The tidal wave mounts as more and more people are unable to move Qi because they plain do not have enough. Whose fault is it? Culpability always rests with the person but because it is systemically encouraged via food supplies, work habits, stressful surroundings, and a general lack of energetic awareness (such as too short vacations, etc…) there is some cause to blame Society. Can we as a society afford to pay for the welfare of so many people who haven’t the motivation to move? Can we afford not to, spiritually? It is a tough situation and getting tougher with no easy answers either way. Empathy is too low, and usually these cases try people’s empathy to the limit because Qi deficient people are the most needy and draining on others and society. They don’t mean to be, it’s just a very difficult situation.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Malnutrition”]One would think in a country of overwhelming obesity and modern technology, things like dehydration, vitamin deficiency, and malnutrition would be issues of the past. Far from true. The thing is that, from a True Medicine perspective, 75-80% of the grocery store is vacuous of Qi and full of foods that not only do not provide life, but may curtail it. These processed foods are fun to eat – confectionery – but in reality have nothing to do with life-giving properties associated with whole foods prepared by loving human hands and cooked. The lack of food type awareness is also at an all time high among children assuring that, despite wider options than 20-30 years ago, fewer and fewer kids will seek anything but corporate meals that skimp on Value to achieve Profit. Especially as costs and inflation drive restaurant chains to slash Value and save on costs. What a shame. To have so much to eat and still be starving.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Sleep Deprivation and Apnea”]Sleep Apnea is very very common, and is endemic, due to obesity. It is also rarely diagnosed. I meet people all the time with sleep deprivation and obvious signs of Apnea, who have never had a sleep study done. Now the problem is bad enough that people aren’t even obese and have Apnea. This is because of the Qi Deficiency epidemic.  If you have signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea, please get a study done, do not wait until it gives you cardiac distress or even costs you your life.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Falls and Breaks”]Despite the truth we all know about how dangerous falls are, almost nobody receives fall prevention training, or is referred to my Tai Chi class by a doctor or senior citizen’s center. It is well known that Tai Chi helps prevent falls, strengthens legs and bones, reverses osteoporosis, etc… and yet: where are the referrals? It reminds me of the Veteran Suicide epidemic, or Constipation, or post-stroke hemi-plegia. These are all things which acupuncture can aid and which are terrible conditions… and yet few people are taking the steps to get them treated. This is a real insidious crisis.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Manopause”]Menopause is well studied. However, few people know or suspect that about 1/10 of men also get Kidney Yin Deficiency (and that number is on the rise) leading to similar symptoms and signs, but with different detrimental effects. Why is this happening? Sexual energy issues is the classic diagnosis, but it could also have to do with malnutrition and stress.  Men deal less well, overall, with Yin Deficiency, and even worse when also having Andropause treated with Testosterone therapy. This causes a whole host of unique male conditions which affect the male psyche in a unique way. When a man lacks Qi and Vitality, it can lead to suicidal depression and a feeling of uselessness. This can create dangerous, self-destructive behaviors and even ruin friendships and marriages.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Female Libido Loss”]The rising hormonal imbalance crisis has left women in an awkward place. While on the one hand men are known to get ED and impotence, it is expected that they will supplement this with herbs and meds. However, what if the female counterpart is also experiencing this? This creates a bad situation healthwise and for the relationships because after all, it takes two to tango. In this case, it is more difficult for the woman to fix this issue than for a man. Although the true fix in a man may be complicated, increasing bloodflow sort of fixes the problem. That is not the case here. How to fix this issue goes beyond mere nutrition, patches, herbs, and medications. It includes a whole host of lifestyle items and may require hormonal therapy. In all likelihood we just do not know enough about the relationship between peri/menopause and the complex neural interactions of the female libido to make a one-size-fits-all approach to curing the issue. It may also be true that counseling is needed. Far more interest in the female partners’ interest levels has to be paid, and right now most of the money is still being thrown at treating male libido. From Chinese Medical perspectives, both are related to the waning Kidney fire and essence. For now, the only solid solutions are herbals, food therapy, and various types of Yoga/Qigong which naturally boost the hormones. But these are slow and tedious methods. They may even be losing their potency in the face of the growing thyroid and malnutrition epidemics.[/accordion-item]

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