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We’ve had a few calls recently from people asking if we do ear stapling for weight loss or ear stapling for smoking cessation. I’d like to address that directly right now if I may, and then continue on in a more verbose fashion afterward, as is my custom. So to answer the question, “Do you do ear stapling?” No. “Should I have my ear stapled?” Again, no. Now here’s why:

1. Because then there would be a staple, in your ear. I feel like this one speaks for itself but just to be sure, I’d like to point out that stapling one’s ear leads to a higher risk of infection than, say, not stapling one’s ear. Surgical staples are installed and left in over a lengthy period of time and require another procedure to remove them.

2. I have seen the pictures, and they are bad. Please don’t try this at home: I googled pictures of ear stapling, and those pictures did not restore my faith in the practice. As an acupuncturist, I (and all of us at Blue Lotus) received very specific training in locating points on the ear and in the appropriate needling thereof. Essentially the whole body is represented in that tiny space and it takes a lot of specific education, testing and practice to be able to utilize those points correctly. On some of the stapled ear pictures I couldn’t tell what was being treated, if anything.

3. Last, and most importantly, let’s imagine you and I are having this metaphorical conversation:
You: “Hey can you come help me? My rain gutter is falling off the house.”
Me: “Sure – I’ll be right over”
Upon my arrival I notice that not only is the gutter hanging loose, but also there is a gigantic hole in your roof!
Me: “So, there’s a hole in your roof.”
You: “Yeah. I thought something was up. OK let’s get this gutter back on here! I don’t want that rainwater pooling up!”
Me: “Well, we can put the gutter on, but I think it would be a good idea to also address the hole in your roof…”
You: “What? No – it’s fine. I just have to get the gutter back up there. You have a hammer don’t you? Just hammer it back on!”

In conclusion, even if you want to lose weight/stop smoking/have less stress, and even if you want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted in your whole life, there is more work to be done than a staple can fix. It won’t work any more than putting electrical tape over the “Fix Engine” light in your car to make it “go away.” Simply put: unaddressed, the cause always returns. Lucky for all of us, Chinese Medicine’s approach is this: treat what ails you and treat the reason it’s happening in the first place!

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