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I am a Vietnam veteran that has severe peripheral neuropathy and diabetes type II. My diabetes is controlled with diet and metformin and glipizide. My pain level with neuropathics are manageable with maximum doses of neurontin and small doses of methadone.

My primary care physician at the VA recommended acupuncture and pain management counseling so that increases in more pain medication could be avoided or delayed. Acupuncture has been effective for me . I have more days of feeling hopeful and a better outlook in general. My wife tells me I’m not so grouchy on most days.

I have measured my glucose levels before and immediately after treatment. My blood sugar drops 50 points! After 8 [pullquote align=”right”]In another article I plan to explain how the feet detox the body, but sufficed to say here the “bublling spring” point kicks out the Qi of the toxicity. It is unclear without laboratory testing, though if the actual chemicals are coming out or simply their Qi. The qi of a toxin in many ways is more poisonous than the toxin itself. While it is true the toxins can cause nerve damage (as in this case) as well as cancers if carcinogenic, the Qi of them spread to all parts of the body and can affect psycho-somatic experiences, from pains, to karmic issues, strange illnesses, and according to ancient texts can actually be transmitted to others, making one appear as if “toxic” to the touch. Hence, even if Agent Orange is not actually coming out, getting rid of its parasitic negative energy is, to say the least, a miracle of his body and a true testament to the power of Qi. For this I take no credit, it is all in the medicine. ~Shifu[/pullquote]treatments over a 3 month period of time, my shoes are ruined! My shoes ‘stunk’ so bad that we had to move them to the garage. The stink smelled like the agent orange that I was exposed to in Vietnam. My Shifu explained that as my chi (Qi) levels increase through acupuncture that my body ‘detoxes’ through my feet.

Acupuncture has unquestionably improved my life. I feel better, look forward to tomorrow, get lower glucose readings and apparently getting rid of body toxins.
Charles Taylor, Berea patient

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