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Acupuncture: A Sometimes Mysterious Art and Form of Healing

Hello all,

I recently had a patient visit from out of town. Her first acupuncture visit at another clinic in California left her frightened of the medicine and with serious doubts. She was experiencing foot pain from two fractured metatarsals, and the acupuncturist had her hop on her affected foot for several minutes, and then bled several points in her opposite hand, which was painful and left several large bruises that lasted for a few weeks.

I want to assure you all that this is not a typical acupuncture treatment or mode of therapy. There are many different modes of treatment in Acupuncture and one is a Korean system in which the hand is a representation for the entire body- much like the foot holds representations for the whole body in foot reflexology. This mode of treatment, if utilized correctly, can be very helpful but is not Traditional Chinese Medicine (which we practice here at Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture along with Japanese style acupuncture). This Korean system does use several points within the palm of the hand. It should be noted that Acupuncture should not cause severe pain or discomfort. There are many practitioners who have varying levels of training, and some who make up their own systems, or have information passed on to them from other previous generations of practitioners. The practitioners here have all trained at an accredited Master’s program for at least 4 years.

Here at Blue Lotus, we strive to make the patient comfortable and aware of how we treat, what to expect during treatment, what to feel, and we talk about how the medicine works. Just as with massage, it’s important to feel comfortable enough during treatment to give feed back. If ever you feel uncomfortable, or just have questions about what we are doing during treatment and why, feel free to ask. We care about your health and your comfort!

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