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Altstream Science – COVID and the Comet

Some patients are aware that I am an altstream scientist, not just with Chinese Medical science, but also Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology. These two altstream paradigms give me drastically different conclusions from the mainstream, not just with Coronavirus, but business, life, health, everything. I DO interact with the mainstream, but I tend to gravitate towards non-gravity based explanations of what is happening. It may interest you to know so does the US Government, but that’s a story for another time.

For example, remember when they were predicting COVID-19 to peak in June? Just prior to the “peak” of CV I found a graph of brightness of comet ATLAS C2019/Y4 peaking in June. I put it in my new paper coming out in May. Then, just as they were saying it was peaking (it wasn’t, according to WHO, which I have been tracking and can show is manipulated data), they changed the estimations… and the comet was busy breaking up. The brightness curve flattened prior to the official CV models.

ATLAS C2019/Y4 Brightness

So why does this matter? Well, why would the CIA classify documents about catastrophe? Why are so many plagues associated with comets? There IS something going on and connecting everything, and as problematic as 5G actually is, it isn’t the cause of COVID-19. The real cause appears to be a combination of asymmetric attack from China, combined with their knowledge of comet-induced disease opportunity (if you desire a weapon). OR more likely, they were the victim of their own machinations because of the comet.

It might be surprising to hear that things can be connected this way, and you might (and should) be skeptical. Well, listen to the video from my physicist friend, Gareth, as he discusses the Schnoll Effect today. Think about the past and astrology. Think about possibilities. It’s all out there, but it isn’t that implausible given that the device you’re watching this from would be considered black magic in the days when evangelism was at its peak post Renaissance. Please also consider subscribing to his channel. I have many EPEMC papers you can find here and here.  You can also join our community for free here: The Electric Pulse – A CatalystFlow Network

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