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Janelle Phillips
Janelle Phillips, LMT

Hey there. Now I know with all your stress, you’ve been thinking about getting a Massage. Why go anywhere else, when you can come to Blue Lotus for a Massage by Janelle?

So come on by for a massage well worth the good, hard-earned $$ you’re spending. After all, doesn’t it matter WHO does the work? Don’t settle for a groupon, come get the quality you deserve.

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[accordion-item title=”Read More”]Janelle utilizes her life experiences and skills to devote her love of people and healthy touch into her work. Her up-to-date knowledge of massage modalities, and the ability to know how best to incorporate them for each individual client, allows ease and flow for both therapist and client, providing a calming and successful massage for both.
Janelle’s goal is to not only facilitate healing through massage, but to also partner with others who strive to bring relaxation, healing, and an accepting touch to the massage table.[/accordion-item]

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