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“Fawn Rangel is a native Californian who earned her Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine through a 4-year/3200 hour program.

Fawn is also a Massage Therapist. She will be available for Tuina treatments starting October 7th!

With a special interest in Chinese herbal medicine, Fawn utilizes topical poultices and liniments to treat conditions like sprained ankles and painful arthritic hands and knees. She also uses herbs internally for conditions ranging from the common cold to sleep disturbances to menopausal hot flashes. Fawn loves to cook and is a great proponent of using food therapy to manage conditions like diabetes.

Fawn has worked with a wide range of patients, and provided orthopedic assessment and acupuncture for student athletes at UCSD’s RIMAC Athletic Center. Through her work at the Senior Clinic at the First Lutheran Church, she helped elderly patients with chronic pain, diabetes, sleep disturbances, and gastrointestinal, urogenital, autoimmune, and mental health disorders. During her time with the UCSD Cancer Clinic, formerly known as the San Diego Cancer Center (SDCC), Fawn was able to provide palliative care for those in remission and those actively being treated for cancer.

Regardless of age or ailment, Fawn’s main goal is to provide patient-centered care that addresses both the mind and the body. Fawn has a gentle, yet thorough approach.”


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Barbara Kelly is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. She received an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Watterson College while living in Louisville. She also obtained her Reiki Master Certification in 1997 and has been teaching Reiki for the past 3 years. Barbara and her husband, Mike has since moved to Georgetown, Kentucky. After feeling the desire to do more for her clients Barbara obtained her Massage Therapy License in 2008. With the urge to continue learning and developing her energetic modalities Barbara has received certifications in the following: Pranic Healing, Wholistic Manual Medicine, and Bel Vas Pata.

Outdoors, nature and healing energies are what calls to her the most and she is able to incorporate these elements into her sessions. Balancing the body so that it can begin to heal in very important and she does this by utilizing crystals, stones and Reiki energy.

Barbara loves spending time with her family and enjoys being a Nonnie (Grandma) to her 3 beautiful granddaughters. In her free time she loves meditating, hiking, spending time outdoors, gardening, and cooking.[/testimonial]

In other news we are re-open in Berea on Thursdays once again. Come see Jenny, she’s awesome!!
~Shifu Careaga

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