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I only use four aromatics in the clinic, because they cover all the 3 doshas, 5 elements and needs I have. And let me tell you, they work. I had a patient apply Po Sum On oil to his nose and he has Liver Yang Rising (an excess condition), he was coughing within minutes. I asked if that’s the one he used and then I applied White Flower to “cover it up” and the coughing ceased.

So these oils can be very helpful and I’ve even treated cough and wheeze just with them alone.

Here’s my basic rundown on these oils, so you too can come in and buy these for your home cabinet:

  1. Po Sum On – nourishes blood spicy so it dispels dampness, warms the channels, clears phlegm, treats rheum in the throat and lungs, good for pneumonia (bad for dry bronchitis), and really helps deficiency and cold induced headaches. Also it is indicated for fire, fire-earth, earth, and water-fire type people.
  2. White Flower – cooling, slightly spicy, dispels moist but thin dampness, cools the liver, opens the mind and treats allergies, harmonizes water and fire, nourishes metal element types, most strongly nourishes water element and diseases of the water phase, such as endocrine disorders. It is also great for dryness, dry bronchitis, but completely contraindicated for chest colds, especially in the fall, early spring, and winter. It however is the most essential oil for dispelling summerdamp flu.
  3. Woodlock oil – nourishes liver and kidney, protects earth, promotes proper fire balance in the upper body. It is cold in nature so it is contraindicated to run cold water over this oil, but it is slightly drying so you can apply it to hot areas such as inguinal rashes, poison ivy, and other hot pustules. It is the strongest oil to treat allergies of the later spring and early autumn periods when there is the most strong amount of liver energy and rhinitis. Though cold it is not usually as good for summerdamp/heat but is perfect to dispel Fire and fire toxins.
  4. Zheng Gu Shui – this is actually a very aromatic liniment, which I use mostly for promoting the healing energy and circulation of blood, and dispelling of the cold Qi that comes with injury. It strongly promotes the wei Qi to circulate in the channels.

With these oils, used at the proper time you almost can’t go wrong. A word of warning: do not underestimate these. The misapplication of Po Sum On or Woodlock could easily by itself cause illness either through dry or cold attack. White flower and Zheng Gu Shui are harder to harm oneself, but still it is possible.

~Shifu Careaga

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