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Arwen Careaga
  Although acupuncturists are generally equanimous by nature, they can be rattled! Here’s how… 1. Eat a lot of cold/raw food. Digestion is a key to good energy. Keep it warm! 2. Dress loosey-goosey for the weather. This is an excellent way to catch a cold. A scarf is a powerful accessory! 3. Go see...
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Dear Moms, I see you. I see that you have a kid, maybe a couple of kids. I see that you are smiling, although there’s undoubtedly more to motherhood than appearances suggest. I see that you are busy – wiping faces, giving hugs, driving people, feeding people… I hear you. I hear you say that...
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Acupuncture Berea, Acupuncture Elizabethtown, Acupuncture Lexington, KY, Articles, Health, Ky By Arwen Careaga, LAc., MSTOM, NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture This is a fairly short article, but important – if you consider it important to avoid unnecessary suffering, that is! Two days ago, I was working from 9-8, entering data, etc., and sitting in the air conditioning in a sleeveless, collar-less...
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