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Barnburner Crashing – Veterans Update

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Dear Veterans,

I wanted to provide you with two updates. The first is to let you know that suddenly, out of the blue, we have received money from old billings from Triwest – and received a call saying that we would be getting file updates to show balances of accounts. This is good news, although I have, as of yet, received nothing. Unfortunately, not a single person has received VAMC authorizations because Triwest has not released contracts back to VAMC when they fail to get the patient in with us (or anyone else). I have no idea under what pretense they withhold those contracts, and it seems like a shame. But alas.

Now the next piece of news is that Sunday, your servant (myself) went to Senator Rand Paul’s “Lexington Barnburner” – a GOP event – and I was probably the only person to go for critiquing him. I waited, patiently, till the end of the greeting line, and then walked up to him, no need of a photo (got one of those at Joseph Beth last year when I informed him of these issues, personally) and told him I was “cross with his office for three reasons.” The main reason, being, of course, that his office has, as of yet done nothing that I know of about Triwest and the GOP involvement with them. He professed innocence by ignorance, but I reminded him I met him at Joseph Beth and standing next to a Vietnam Veteran told him the issue and his lawyer took the materials and promised to look into it. Now he has assigned an assistant, Kelsey, to look into the matter and she has promised to get a response from Rand and to meet with me to learn the issue more thoroughly as she says she, “Hates when things go missing or get overlooked.” I don’t see how that was possible with continual email updates to Stacey, and me tweeting the last update with all our stats right to their Twitter page. But I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Fair enough.

I still believe the Honorable Senator Paul is overall the most supportive candidate of Kentuckians and veterans’ rights and needs. I listened to him speak that evening (yes I stayed for the whole event) and what he says is the right things. But, as you know, actions speak louder than words. So they have promised, let’s see what they do.

For his part, Congressman Andy Barr and I greeted each other cordially and I thanked his office for working diligently on the case and supporting Kentucky Providers. He seemed informed, bright, and responsive, and I pledged that I would let people know and for my part at least, he has my support this year.

So that’s where things stand, currently. At the moment I “Stand with Rand” but if he wants that to be true then I feel his office has to become familiar with these issues and keep abreast of them. I hope you will take the time to contact Kelsey at Senator Rand’s office and agree to the same.

Yours Truly,
-Sf. Ramon Careaga, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSEE (from UK CoE), former DOD Civilian


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