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Herb Tasting CBD Oils

Recently a very large % of patients have been asking me about CBD oil. I have seen videos showing the miraculous effects of CBD on hard to treat conditions, and have of course heard about the pain killing properties of the supplement. So I wanted to try some out.  My opportunity came when mom bought some, which you can get on her site.

I happened to have a hard Monday 1 week ago, which was very heavy depression. I therefore was willing to try out the CBD oil with THC (legal doses). It absolutely 100% brought me out of the depression, although not as quick as a Happy Light does. It took about an hour and I felt better.  There were no immediate side effects. The properties were acrid, sweet, and slightly warm. The words “liquid smoke” came to mind. I did notice a slight decline in pain in legs after a long day at work.

The next morning I repeated a dose because my legs did not hurt, and I found my palette very much liked the flavor. By the afternoon, leaving Berea clinic I very much wanted a dose. I could tell it was slightly addictive! But more to the point on the third dose, there was a burning in the chest. That night in boxing, my Qi could not descend into the gut and I had no Heart and no power. I did not complete the core workout and it was a struggle to make it through the rounds.  THC must have the property of also suppressing the Qi as well as the bing (bad) Qi!!  I was a bit disappointed.

My mom gave me a different oil, sans THC to try. It was minty, and its properties were cool, acrid and slightly sweet. It was very subtle. I felt almost no effect or side effect. It may be simply I did not need it, but at least it did not perform as heavily. However, it did not help my depression and I did not take anymore. The benefit also was that it was not addictive and my palette did not crave more. It was easy to put aside and even to forget about. This is a better option for most of our society, if they do not have a serious condition and want a subtle pain and anxiety relieving effect.

I hope this has been helpful to someone. I think that all herbs have benefits and times for use. So long as hype doesn’t make a placebo out of it, CBD oil can be a real benefit to society. But be cautious it may obstruct the chest Qi. That could lead to spiritual detachment or other chest problems and shortness of breath.

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