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OK, two confessions. First, I didn’t eat the breadsticks to “herb taste” them. I was guilty of some good old fashioned KY salt cravings. I wasn’t particularly stressed.. I just wanted some salty breadsticks. Secondly, I first become a breadstick fan when I worked at Fazoli’s from age 16-18. I actually was a manager for a short time at the Saron Dr. location just before college in 2000.

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s get to it.
Sunday (this past one)  I had some breadsticks. Driving to the [awful] Buckley Wildlife Refuge in Woodford Co, I picked up a slice of pizza for my boys, and I got an Italian Salad (no dressing added), with meatballs on the side, and I ate 3 breadsticks dipped into the marinara+alfredo mix (as a former employee I knew how much better the mix was than the two sauces alone).

Now aside from chapped lips I acquired (despite drinking copious amounts of water), I had just the WORST Depression Monday the first of December. Terrible. I had the Red Shadow and I just could see nothing at all positive about the world. All day long I spent in angst and anxiety about all the things going wrong with the world. This must be because of the effect tha tSodium has on the nervous system.

What I didn’t realize though, was it wasn’t just the salt… By intuition, that day I decided to fast. I use the Forgetting Technique meditation, and let my body light up with qi all day long. My hands were colder (as they always are if I don’t eat breakfast), and also the day was a strong Yin Day.
By nighttime, after some great meditation in the back of the Lexington Clinic, I was starving. So I had a good dinner: sweet potatoes, asparagus, a small amount of homemade pasta, lactose free eggnog, and later I had bread with real butter and honey with copious amounts of lactose free milk.
But I still meditated.
That night I had a most annoying “nightmare” which I will spare thee from the details and oddities of Shifu’s dreams… however when I woke up I could feel the negative energy moving about. I pushed it around and then I felt an odd pain in my right side. I went the bathroom and (here comes the TMI) I pee’d. And it smelled… just like Fazoli’s “Whirl” that goes into the breadsticks.

The “butter” recipe they use there is as follows:
1.5 qts water

1 pound salt

13 ounces of garlic powder

3.25 GALLONS of “whirl” which is premanufactured who knows what.

Whirl smell… that’s right. Gross I know. But important information. The whirl was acted like an EXTREME form of dampness. Mind you this was JUST 3 breadsticks that are “painted”… not dipped or soaked… with the Whirl mix. I could feel it had totally inhabited my Right Kidney (GB25 area)… and dampness, dn duh duh… causes Depression.

So that’s my confession and thereby it’s use to you. As for me, I will not be feeding my kids Fazoli’s breadsticks anymore. Sort of like how I don’t give them any of the bleached white meat nuggets from the fast food joints. And I highly recommend that parents follow suit. You simply don’t need to be giving your kids substances that cause depression or hinder the kidney function.

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