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Herbal tasting was never so good! Ok, seriously, where do I get off “herb tasting” meat (and meat products)?

It turns out, that aside from the culinary perspective of enjoying meat, the Chinese really believe in the (obvious) healing power of animal products. Mankind’s evolution and people’s healing rates both show, that animal products do enhance our health, and why is that? They have the same basic building blocks that we need.

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Meat gets a bad rap from two sources:

  1. Vegetarianism – a belief that mankind doesn’t need animals, eating animals is cruel, or unhealthy, and in general that mankind – all of it – would be better off vegetarian or even vegan. This is a belief system, and like all belief systems has to be weighed by its agenda and as according to the facts. The facts are that not every body type, blood type, and elemental type can be vegetarian, in fact only about 40% of people can without long term side effects. This is as measured by the person’s body and what it shows in the skin, hair, and the tongue, the only muscle we can see with our naked eyes. I’ve seen plenty of vegetarian tongues and I can tell you that this belief has a cost, some will pay it willingly, and maybe mankind should. But it isn’t without a side effect. If it is worth the Qi – to you – then do it. In some cases this will prolong life by decades, whereas in others shorten it by decades. So make sure it’s worth it. I had one friend who not having red meat gave him arrhythmia and bradycardia… it just wasn’t worth his idealism. So he went to eating it only once a week and his heart returned to normal.
  2. Old science. The belief that red meat causes heart attacks still persists to this day. As a matter of fact I have heard many meat eaters resign themselves to certain doom from eating meat. The fact is, though, that it isn’t cholesterols that cause heart attacks, it is hypertension. Can red meat increase hypertension, absolutely, but it is temporary. A lifetime habit though: that will lead to hypertension!

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So what are the benefits of eating meat, herbally speaking?

Firstly, meat (and organ and marrow) is strong at building blood, marrow, and Essence, the vital substance of life that nourishes Qi (vitality) and longevity.

Secondly, meat has tastes and temperatures, which have effects upon the Qi. For example, fish is cold and if from the ocean, salty. Whereas red meat is generally warm, (lamb is hot), moving, and yet, in abundance, like alcohol, will be stagnating. It is heavy, cloying, and can cause constipation or food stagnation. This can lead to getting sick.

White meat – chicken, duck, turkey – all tends to be less warm, but drying. Turkey in particular is very dry whereas duck is very oily, requiring much water from the body and producing more phlegm.

What about pork? I am happy to announce that pork is very useful, as well as tasty. But I have to warn you, it has a price to pay in that (especially with bacon), it disturbs the Heart Qi. Vegans might say this is the animals’ spirit, fear, or at least some unnatural compounds from the animals’ poor treatment justly affecting one’s health. I don’t think this is always so, but certainly as pigs do not sweat, toxins are likely to build up and create a problem for the Heart Qi (in the chakra). Disturbed Heart Qi is common. I already reported how alcohol, sugar, and energy drinks can do it. Now I am here to tell you bacon most certainly disturbs the stability of the Heart (heart-mind), which will adversely affect your health. I think it is a bit much to ascribe a lifetime of over production of phlegm (without usage of the cholesterol enough) to a single food or anything else alone. For the most part such conditions are ascribed to lifestyle as a whole rather than diet alone, and of course a single food in that diet.

What about seafood? Much of seafood gets the same treatment, both Biblically, and in TCM. Excessive bottom-feeders will disturb the heart Qi, but for the most part it is the salty and cold nature which must be guarded against overuse of. Too much salt “dries the blood” and too much cold blocks the Stomach Qi (metabolism). So be careful when enjoying your favorite meals not to overdue it.

“Everything in moderation”. That includes all meat products, organs, marrow, supplements, etc… in general these produce phlegm so the over production of phlegm, especially when combined with fried foods/oils, dairy, steroids, and antibiotics, is going to create a system clogged with sticky, coagulative substances located in vital, hard to reach places. Refuse dumps. Be sure to offset meat and other similar types of foods with more movement, relaxation methods, breathing techniques, and green veggies, to drain the liver of the heat gained by extra enzymes in the blood.



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