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Some may be surprised, or even critical (especially my colleagues) of my belief that there is a proper place for HGH in medicine. In point of fact, I prefer if they were to manufacture GHrH (growth hormone releasing hormone), which would cause us to release HGH naturally, but alas they do not make such a product readily available in stores.

I think it is a shame – and a sign of the times and the state of medicine/lack thereof – that atrophy patients go without medical recommendations for the use of HGH while doctors for athletes are giving it to them. Not a single patient in all the years has indicated they are on HGH supplement. Indeed one patient upon requesting it at the Complete Nutrition was given an askew glance because he was not a) young or b) a body builder.

This is silly, and here’s why. HGH is a yang/hot hormone. It isn’t needed by men in their prime or just past it. It is needed by those who are not producing their own to prevent degenerative decline in the following rare but common enough situations:

  • degenerative disorders without cognitive decline
  • atrophy syndrome
  • post-surgical atrophy (non cancerous)
  • aging person needing to lose weight and/or return to athletics

It’s true that acquiring the compounds needed through yang warming herbs and food is better. But you have to think… by the time the gut, liver, heart, lungs, and nerves take their portions of the HGH produced from GHrH made naturally after a warm, yang building meal… how much is left for muscle, skin, bone, and sinews which make up a substantial portion of the body? Not much to go around. It also has to make it past the Blood Brain Barrier to the hypothalamus. And there is a 95% chance in my opinion, that stress induced oxidation and free radicals damaging cells and immune system will necessitate the use of whatever IS left for daily repairs. So what is there left for inducing youthful growth?

However, upon consumption of this “refined substance” as it is known in herbalism, I can tell you it is VERY hot. It can cause irritability, constipation, headache (in yang type headache people), anxiousness, nausea, dizziness, flush, and compulsions (such as hunger or fits of anger).

Therefore I must caution that patients and athletes that choose to use HGH must reduce the dosages exceedingly. In a few cases, they may even ought to consult a homeopath or naturopath who knows the procedures for making homeopathic remedies using the HGH. I must recommend that women on Progesterone and men on Testosterone take even half of the reduced dosage as at the height of yang comes the flip to yin, and instead of leading to muscle increase, it may lead to wasting through the internal heat Consumptive process. Heat consuming Qi and majorly Essence is a cause of early aging in about 3 out of 10 early aging patients I see. Usually it is deficiency, cold, or hormonal weakness, but heat from teh liver or nerves can do it as well.

I must caution also to avoid hot alcohols (such as Bourbon), caffeine, energy drinks, and excessive sugar consumption… such as drinking a lot of Gatorade during a workout.

The point of taking HGH is to give one an upward bump against physical decline. Not a sudden jar or rocket-blast.  Please consider this when taking HGH. For myself when last year I used it to jump start muscle building (no longer need it now), I used a mere 2 drops instead of 6, and only once a day rather than three times. This was sufficient enough to cause rising bubbles of anxious energy that needed an immediate meditation or cardiovascular exercise to drain the Fire out of the chest. It was strong in pressure.

So be safe and start low and go slow. And of course, do not combine with the use of Anabolic Steroids or other intense muscle building supplements. It’s bad for your ligaments and tendons, and bad for your heart, lungs, and liver.

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