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Right now Spring Qi is arriving (beware of wind-heat!) Below I am going to give a list of techniques to help break off the rust/ice of winter, and get things moving in a positive direction for yourself.

But first I want to mention a little known secret in aging. When you consume alcohol, dairy, cakes/ice cream, and fried foods you stagnate the metabolism (Qi Hua mechanism) with damp-phlegm, which interferes with breathing (and reduces your oxygenation), increasing arthritic feelings, headaches, joint aches, low energy, not to mention pain, and more.
Basically, for each session of eating these (if you desire a metabolism), expect to spend 4 hours undoing it.

  1. one hour stretching/warm up
  2. one hour cardio
  3. take a break then one hour qigong, yoga, taiji, etc…
  4. one more hour of stretching or kriyayoga or pilates
  5. be sure to include lots of water; each slice of pie requires 2 bottles of water; a plate of fries or a beer is the same or more

So if you think about this… you need to eat about 1,000 calories 3-5 days in a row OVER your daily needs to create 1 lb of permanent fat; with plateaus after about each ~5 lbs that can last for months… this is like 2-3 beers nightly, or 1 plate of fries/onion rings/etc… so roughly a single 4 hour workout session…

If you are 20 lbs overweight you have  then ~ 4 changes* 60 days in plateau avg (eating bad) + 4 hours * 20 lbs * 5 days/lb ~ 640 hours (napkin math)  of workout (without eating bad) in order to knock off said rust/aging. And of course you can’t do large amounts of hours in the beginning if you wan tto respect your Qi/time/money/family.

So budget yourself.  640 hours of mixed workout for 20 lbs without a single time of falling off the wagon. That’s a lot of effort. If you’ve had more years at said plateau, it may be a lot longer. Patience!!

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Here are some methods:

  1. Spring cleaning/re-org/feng shui
  2. Jogging (start by walking, then long stride walking, especially after meals)
  3. Bike riding (even stationary)
  4. Wrestling/martial arts/boxing
  5. Horseback riding
  6. Hiking
  7. Rock-climbing
  8. Yoga/pilates
  9. General movement (even chopping wood/trimming trees)
  10. Gardening

All of these things have one thing in common: movement. To be still anymore is to stagnate and never end the slumber or hibernation of winter. You need to do this in order to avoid turning the energy of restoration and recharge into rotting and death.

You want to avoid this for many reasons, obviously. So… go out and do it. No excuses. Just do it. 🙂
~Shifu Careaga

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