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Why and when is Chess Club?

Students of Wu-Tao-Di know it happens once a month, and announcements are always in the club Newsletter. It happens on Mondays at 5pm. The goal of chess club is to increase IQ’s, strategic thinking, and to prepare kids for the dangers of adult life by helping their thinking and planning faculties. It is also another way to enhance the martial mind.

Using Analysis is Important

In a scientific martial approach, the sharpened mind can make no assumptions about skill or ability level: and one should always strive for continual improvement. What follows is an analysis of a game I played against a tier 3 computer setting (but not Grandmaster) of level 6.

So after checkmating the computer (black pieces), I ran the analysis – a free feature at

First game analysis

What the goal in Analysis is to go back and find a place where specifically I made my position worse, and play from that point on. It should not surprise the reader/player that the earliest mistake is usually the deadliest. So in this case I went back to that mistake, analyzed why it was a mistake, and tried to eliminate the black momentum which put me into a hole in the first place. Sure I surged the rest of the game, but maybe I didn’t need to!

2nd Analysis

The stats for this second try were much improved, and look at the curve. But I was bothered by my blunder. So I tried again, by going back to this move:

What I discovered, though, is it wasn’t really a blunder. There was no added benefit:

3rd analysis

Still took 64 moves. So, I was curious about one of those mistakes, and found out the computer just wasn’t satiable:

4th Analysis

That missed win turnout out to not afford any shorter victory. But look how improved the momentum curve was in the mid-section of the game! The mid section is indeed, pretty tough.

Strong Openings Create Strong Forts

Modified Queen’s Pawn Opening

My students know what a proponent of strong openings I am. Well, think about this aspect: how does the early moves of the game affect where and what pieces will be in your “corner” later on, and how will it affect the opponent? Look back at the “blunder” image. The reason it is considered a blunder is that it didn’t cut off the queen from entry. But if you correct a motion, you might just end up in a perfectly stymied position where you can move your pass pawns, but they cannot move theirs, and they have to choose between attacking you or stopping you from attacking them.

These positions are not equal. White is up by 8 or more moves.

By learning from the analysis we can improve our Shi (position-momentum) and enhance our strategic edge. This might be of incalculable value later on, in a real life situation.

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