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Our family plans and chronic pain plans provide massive discounts for you and your family. We increase the savings (per treatment) with increasing frequency.

For example, a single pay patient can expect acupuncture to cost $95 (no initial consultation fee). However, if they come once a week for a month, as most cases do require 4-6 treatments before re-assessment, then a patient can pay for the month at $80/treatment. This leads to instant savings of $60 a month.

But if your case requires twice weekly visits (acupuncture twice or acupuncture once a week and tuina once a week), you save $30 a treatment. This means after 8 treatments, you have saved $240 a month. That’s 32%!

And it goes on like this. As you can see from this other article about our plans, and this article about how much we have saved people in 2013, we really care about getting you the treatment you need for the price that your family can afford.

We have treatment plans for couple’s, families of 3, 4, 5 and more (fraternities and sororities), and chronic pain plans for families as well. One plan can save a family of chronic pain (or stop smoking, fertility, weight loss, etc…) more than $1500 a month over a single pay rate.

We are the only clinic to provide such radical savings in order to give you frequent treatments.

But it gets even better. Unlike a place that makes you sign contracts, or yearly ones even (certain chiropractic chains), we do not. We even provide PRO-RATED and ROLLOVER treatments. Suppose you know you’re out of town, or suppose an emergency comes up. We not only charge you less based on your chosen rate… we will provide rollover to the next month based on your unexpected changes. And we hold these over in case you go out of town even up to a month!

Being a family-owned business, we understand how the effects of the economy dictate things that unfortunately need your attention – like health. Just work with us, and we’ll work with you!

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