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Welcome to Wu-Tao-Di: A complete school of Chinese metaphysics, martial arts, medicine, philosophy, and culture.

Classes start April 6th. Come visit us for our Open House/Kung Fu Movie Night, April 3rd, 2015!

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[accordion-item title=”Qi Gong”]Basic Qigong course, includes 3 types of qigong essential systems[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Taiji 1″]The Initiate Taiji course (and Therapeutic style)

  • Yang Taiji 24
  • Bagua Section 1
  • Basic daoyin (chinese yoga)
  • Pushing Hands


[accordion-item title=”Taiji 2-8″]Beginner’s Taiji course

  • Taiji sword
  • Taiji 64
  • Taiji fan
  • Taiji broadsword
  • Jiang Rongqiao’s Classical Bagua
  • Bagua Daoyin
  • Sticking Hands
  • Shaolin Chess
  • Pre-requisite: Taiji 1 completed fully (may take 2 or 3 quarters)
  • Lasts: Taiji 2-8 is approximately 1 year, can take as much as 2 years


[accordion-item title=”Martial Arts Philosophy”]

  • Online Slides
  • Meets once a month during Taiji 2, for 10 months
  • Online exam (free)


[accordion-item title=”Holistic Health”]A General Access health class on alternative health and 5 Element Diet

  • 5 Element Diet Manual (costs $25 extra for print version)
  • Diet Moderation (for use in class examples)
  • Exercise moderation, examination and diet can be provided
  • Free class for Taiji students
  • Held once a month during Taiji 1[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Taoism 1″]A General Access class

  1. Misconceptions of the Tao
  2. the Old Boy’s History
  3. the Wu, Xia and Shang Precursors
  4. the 100 schools of Zhou?
  5. the Nei Yeh
  6. continued
  7. continued, 12-Sided Jade Knob
  8. Zhuangzi introduction
  9. Yin Fu Jing, Huangdi’s Tao
  10. Jade Pivot highlights
  11. of Tao & Te, a discussion of the Mean

There is no exam for this introductory course, it is a pre-requisite for Taoism 2[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Bingfa 1″]the Art of War

  • Introduction to the Spring & Autumn and Warring States, pre-China
  • Chapters 1-8, detailed analysis (required reading: Sunzi’s Art of War)
  • Online exam
  • Suggested reading: Musashi’s Book of the 5 Rings
  • This is a beginner’s course, but is rigorous
  • Pre-quisite for Bingfa courses, and Chess courses
  • Suggested companion class: Yijing 1[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”NAILS”]Women’s Self-Defense Class

  • 10 weeks of self-defense course
  • Good for women, children, and passive men, especially with PTSD
  • Hands on, but safe
  • Includes Firearm instruction at end of course (optional)
  • requires 90% attendance to “pass”
  • Prerequisite for women seeking Grappling course later on in Gungfu[/accordion-item]


Please note that Taiji and Gungfu students are not charged for Training Sessions with Shifu. Only for classes.
Taiji 2-8 students purchase from Taiji 1 below. Therapeutic students, please pay with next acupuncture visit to receive $100 discount.

Membership and Unlimited Memberships, please visit the Wu-Tao-Di page for details on your benefits.

A brief 4 page essay on the benefits of the Old Ways of learning.


Taiji 1 Class

This is for entry level students. Yang 24 form, and Bagua section 1 (may require more than one quarter to complete level 1)



Qi Gong 1

Qi gong 1 is Yi Jin Jing 1-21, San Jiao Qigong, and 8 Brocades



Qi Gong 2

For students with background in Qi gong, may be required to take Qigong 1


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