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Before you pay for a single other: acupuncture, massage, yoga class, or chiropractor visit… consider getting guasha and/or cupping!

  1. Remove old stagnation: scar tissue, myofacial adhesions
  2. Alleviates Inflammation!
  3. Treats liver inflammation (like hepatitis)
  4. Draws out old Cold and Damp from icing, bad diets, and trauma (cold makes muscles draw up)
  5. Removes toxicity from deeper layers
  6. Flushes the lymphatic system.

Yes folks, you’ve seen how Jennifer Aniston can front the cup marks, and the Chinese Olympic team… now you, too can take advantage of these great folk remedies. Traditionally in the home grandma or grandpa would cup and guasha you for longevity. In children guasha or shoni-shen can be used to relieve irritability, heat, prevent colds and sniffles, and treat general snottiness.
Cupping has been around for ages, and you’ve even seen it in Godfather 2. But few know how well removing the toxins laying deep dormant within their muscles can improve both function and circulation, overall enhancing the body while relaxing it.

The best part of all is BLHA keeps cupping and guasha cheap, so you can take advantage of these modalities often. Just $60 a treatment!

Come on in, and feel the difference in your traps and neck!!
-Shifu Careaga

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