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Addiction is one of the hardest things we treat at Blue Lotus and in TCM. Why? It requires not just treatment of the physical manifestations, but the entire Body-Mind-Spirit system.

In this article I will briefly lay out our overall strategy, because a large number of patients have been coming in for this of late, and I want you to understand the protocols.

Firstly, please understand that health is broken down into 5 categories, all of which we attempt to aid on some level:

  1. Physical – we treat the signs and symptoms of heat, phlegm, anxiety, depression, and pain often associated with the addiction by using NADA and modified NADA, needles and ear seeds, as well as body acupuncture to deal with the condition.
  2. Mental – we spend time talking with you about issues like unrequited grief, PTSD, abuse, rape, food disorders, etc… that often accompany addictive behaviors. We also spend a good deal of time talking about how to deal with the thoughts from the addiction bubbling up into your mind, and how these thoughts are going to be worse around certain stimuli and at night. This understanding and wisdom comes from Chinese psychology from the Wu Xing or 5 Element phases school.
  3. Spiritual – aside from using compassion and never judgment (though we will set lines and regulations, for the discipline you need), we talk about things like family history (karma), how to rely on your inner spiritual faith and power, and how to come to healing despite the feelings of lack of self-worth, confidence issues, and other struggles you have within your soul. Plus we will combine the spiritual and mental (psychic) and discuss habituation, dependency, personality issues, and the roots of these: your innermost paradigms.
  4. Social – one of the things we will do is set limits on behaviors regarding getting access. You will need to help us help you by limiting your own access, and then you will need to socialize with those who help you. Family can often be a good outlet, and support; or they can be exactly the group you need to avoid socializing with because it sets off your addictive behaviors. This may require also some counseling and therapy, so that you can be surrounded by a “squad” or team of healers interested in helping you reach that inner desire to overcome your weakness and temptations so you can a) keep your kids, b) your job, c) your spouse or significant other, d) your health and wealth, and e) your dignity.
  5. Financial – Because it is a difficult to treat condition we will require you to be coming in two or three times a week. The way we help you deal with the extra cost (which is worth it to avoid LIFE COSTS and other financial burdens (legal, hospital bills) is with our Chronic Care Plans which cut the costs significantly PER TREATMENT. They also enroll you for the month so you have incentive to continue and get the aid you need.

Aside from touching these five areas, we will hep you to find acceptable vices and replacement behaviors and affirmations.

Let me be clear, we can only help you if you come. Our program is designed to “take the edge off” but not replace discipline, hard work, and a strong desire to become inner-wise strong, ethically centered, and coherent with your desires. Our program can help, but you have to participate, you have to seek the help you most want.

If you, or anyone you know, has an addiction problem with foods, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, or alcohol, please contact us 859-533-0914 and consider gift certificates or at a least a consultation.
thank you,
~Shifu Careaga

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