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I’m not singling out a single doctor or condition or even specialty practice. But I do often see mistakes (from western and eastern points of view) when patients come in. I’d like to address the top 5 that you – as the OWNERS of your health – need to be aware of.

  1. Not touching, observing, palpating, performing physical exams, screening, or otherwise practicing old school western medicine.
    This is a head-scratcher. The basics in physical exam are basic, but they are also probably 90% of western medicine’s best tricks. I have so many patients come in and claim their doctor doesn’t know if they have a Rotator Cuff, UTI, broken bone (until they Xray it) etc… I’m thinking: “exam, screen, palpate, per-cuss, and use a tuning fork!!” I don’t understand why they are allowed to get away with missing easy diagnoses and sending people to scans just so they can file a claim on the insurance. I agree: do the scan. But before you do, and before the patient runs off seeking all kinds of care: do a physical exam. TOUCH the patient! I’m not a chiropractor and I can tell if a bone is out by touching the patient. This enables me to make proper referrals. Just this past Tuesday I used our neighbor, Dr. Harmon, in Berea for two separate cases of subluxation. I didn’t need a scan, I can just tell. And UTI screening is so cheap. It really can clear up a lot of confusion for people. But instead they just often end up doing number 2.
  2. Over-reliance on Antibiotics.
    Antibiotics just kill bacteria. But they also push pathogens deeper inside (by causing the body to react to a biotoxin and squeeze in the intestines and channels) and killing good flora. What returns after napalm and nuclear bombs? Roaches and bad bacteria. Why are hospitals full of MRSA? Bleaching and overuse of antibiotics. The reality of our Yin/Yang universe is not going to stop working just because we discovered a mighty useful drug. It will adapt and evolve. Our medicine, all medicine, needs to realize that if you push on one end of a lever, the other end will move, too.
  3. Over-use of steroids.
    It’s one thing to stop an inflammatory or ischemic attack. It’s another thing to suppress energy into the nerves, encourage hormone imbalances and weight gain, and make a person dependent on a substance with diminishing returns. In the end, after all the docs have done everything and now the pain meds are being taken away… only then are they referring out to us. Rather we should have been the first referral after the scan, and after visiting us the patient should go to the chiropractor now that muscles are relaxed. Bass ackwards, as they say.
    What’s worse is the over-prescription of corticosteroids. I’ve even had one patient who developed Meniere’s Disease iatrogenically from use of asthma inhalers. It was killing him. Finally I revealed it to him when he admitted his over-reliance.
    Remember folks: your doctor isn’t going to live with his/her mistakes, you are.
  4. Forgetting common signs.
    There’s a reason we have sayings like the ABCDE’s of melanoma, the 4F’s of gallbladder disease, “stones, bones, moans, and groans”… these are western sayings. It’s because they are excellent means to quickly screen conditions. Now I understand relying on blood labs, but there’s three reasons this is a bad tool to rely on:
    1) see #1 above
    2) “normal ranges” are highly subjective and ignore different element and energetic types of people
    3) after all, if the wrong scan or blood lab is ordered, and a person is “cleared” as “negative”… they can become hurt by lack of diagnosis. The only thing worse is giving a limited, bad prognosis.
  5. Treating the person, body, and the whole country in dissected, segmented, disconnected sections.
    It’s amazing to me with all the plethora of pscyhological, neurological, and of course spiritual research of the last 10, 100, and 3000 years that doctors still cling to the “mechanistic” view of the body. I agree, the body is a machine: an energetic, liquid, biological, and most importantly spirituo-psychological machine.
    You can’t separate a pancake into its ingredients, and you can’t divide a body and expect to create the world’s most effective medicine. You can treat individual cases, but you’ll never reach the roots of disease: stress, diet, lifestyle, behavior, thoughts, habits, and trauma. You just won’t.

I know some doctors won’t want to hear advice from an acupuncturist – ever. But ironically I’m helping people kick literal poisons out of their bodies, heal wounds that they can’t heal, and finding conditions (like hypogonadicism, Cushing’s, or hyperparathyroidism) before, during, and after they manifest. More importantly I can explain using more than numbers on a page but actual signs and symptoms the person can recognize the causes and conditions, test the energetic body, the glands, and prescribe solutions that slowly separate people from bad situations getting worse.
So what do I know? At least I can diagnose using the tongue: the ONLY muscle visible to the naked eye without some expensive CT-scan or MRI.
What does TCM know, anyhow? Oh yeah: there’s these books on surgery we had 2000 years ago:

Pleasant day folks,
Shifu Ramon

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