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Emptying the Cup/Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater

[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Do not make the classic mistake that in pursuit of one you end up harming the other”]

A short list of subjects that one can and should study, without throwing out what you already know from science. In fact, scientific understanding will enhance your understanding of these subjects:

  • Crystals – pay attention to the concepts of electron bonding and EMF fields; also there is so much more to this study than hard and fast rules, and people make the same mistake with stones that they do with food: relying on one or two and using them over and over, creating harm instead of good. If everything is changing, and things can build up charge and have discharge, wouldn’t it be smart to be aware of this fact in stones as well?
  • Aromatherapy – your tongue and nose together have millions of nerve endings. So everything you smell has an effect on your psyche. Think of this, have you ever been harmed by perfumes while shopping in the mall? The natural reversal is also true, a lot of healing comes from neural modulation via sounds and oils, usually used together.
  • Energetic Healing – the deep science of Energy Healing is completely and totally reliant on quantum mechanics and in particular the concepts of Entanglement and Synchronicity; look into it!
  • Astrology – radiation is everywhere. light, particles, and gravity waves, and many things besides. The Universe is a liquid soup of highly charged energy. You’re swimming in it. Do not imagine, even for a second, that these have no effect.
  • Numerology – astrology is not complete without this study. There is nothing else to say about the importance of numerology that isn’t captured in the quote, “Mathematics is the language of God.” Don’t let pure rationalism and materialistic thinkers, who couldn’t connect to their feet (believe me they come in to Tai Chi and demonstrate that!) dictate to you the limits of your being. Enjoy this video on how the hands and pi are inter-related
  • Fengshui – although interior decoration obviously has an effect on your mind, and how it feels about life and clutter, what I’m speaking about is how literally the movement of fluids (liquids and gases) dictate everything in our world and in our lives. From weather to hydration and HVAC, do not for a moment imagine that fluids aren’t at play in determining things. As I’ve explained in another video, your nerves are run by fluids, and are not copper wires. Basically, staying young is a combination of good density, light spirt, and high fluidity (some would say flexibility).
  • Astral/OBE/Lucid Dreaming – The science of the Aether is making a comback, and at this point Quantum and Relativity physicists feel it is a likely certitude that the Ether is real and more important than we ever thought possible. Well, until we find it with machines (which might not be possible), I think it is about time you go and explore it yourself… but (and with good reason) with supervision. Seek guidance. Take it from somebody who just went into it naively, it is far better to have a guide.
  • Alchemy – The ancient “Supreme Science” of transmutation of mundanity into divinity, or of increasing longevity and vitality, or of controlling destiny and wresting it from Fate, or of becoming the empty Vessel fit for God’s Work, or of restoring the glands and controlling desire and sexual energy is not a light subject, and should not be underestimated. What should be remembered, though, is that behind it all it would do one well to have a thorough understanding of anatomy, biochemistry, pathophysiology, physics, and even engineering. A little left-brainedness will save one a lot of time, for I have observed that the overly artsy type cannot relate as practically to the imagery, and even may get lost in imaginary theories and get no “traction” moving forward.



~Sf. Ramon Careaga

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