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Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture is evidence based!

For thousands of years, empirical research, with “peer” review was done – sometimes with vociferous rebuttals. But the standards of ancient and historic China are not considered scientific. So until this day, foundational science/physics has no resolved how acupuncture works. Well: thanks you to all, and 3 trials at Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture, now we have a working model: reduction of Electric charge in nerve pathways, as measured by Electric fields (with a meter).
Through several differently designed trials, and with your help, Shifu was able to isolate a number of properties of acupuncture, and electric fields, as they are influenced even by moon, sun, weather, and gender.

Furthermore… BLHA is not the cheapest in town, but it is the only place in town with trials proving efficacy. Single case average delta-change in pain and/or significance levels was 48% through all three trials with a standard deviation of 0.24/10 !!
That’s pretty huge.
In a couple of these graphs you will see preliminary results forthcoming within the next one or two weeks in the full paper. Keep checking back for links to the ResearchGate full article! NOW UP!

all phases comparison
All phases means and SD (c) 2018 |
compare controls and cc
Phases 1-3 controls vs measured chief complaints
Phase comparison for pain variability
Phase comparison for pain variability
phase 3 deltas
Delta % for Pain and Ef for Phase 3 only
Phase 3 results
Phase 3 Results (2018)

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