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In this video I discuss two key diagnostic features. As usual Blue Lotus is tops in providing you all the information you could ever need at the most reasonable rate for the level of service provided. Everything we are and do, is to serve the community at large. A rare value in today’s selfish world. For those who came to our clinics, and saved big money, and those who have remained loyal customers all these months and years: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for “getting it.”

It’s amazing to me, all these years in… I never have to go to the doctor and neither do my kids. My business grows, my knowledge grows, and my children are healthy and grow. Yet people still come in with judgment, fear-based-decisions, or unreasonable expectations. Chinese sciences (and medicine) will work for you, if you’ll work for it. Just remember that. Nothing in the world is for free but air (for now).

edit: Tensegrity* not Tensynergy. Same idea.

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