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From the Mouths of Babes

by Arwen Careaga, LAc

As something of a follow-up to my last blog regarding treating children with Chinese Medicine, I thought I’d do a little interview with an actual child who has basically been having treatment since before he was born. He’s 5 now, had cupping for the first time the other day, and this is what he had to say:

Orion will you come here and talk to Mommy?
I want to ask you about the cupping you had the other day.
(pulling up his shirt to show me his back) I got these circles!
How did you feel after you had cupping?
I felt coldness. I wasn’t cold, but I was just feeling it.*
Ok – and how did you feel when you got up off the table?
Felt great!
I see. How about Tui Na? What if people never had Tui Na before?
They would feel bad
What should they know if they were going to have it?
They should know that they should always have Tui Na because Tui Na is good for you.
What’s your favorite thing to have done? Tui Na, cupping, gua sha, herbs…
I like Tui Na
Because it feels good and flat and I like it.
What about herbs – do you take herbs?
Yeah, vitamins and herbs
How do you feel about herbs?
Pretty good, pretty much
Do you like to take them?
Yeah, I like to take them.
Because they’re tasty.
Do they make you feel better?
They make me feel better, also honey medicine makes me feel better, and…about 170 miles per hour.
You feel like you can go that fast after you take the herbs and honey medicine?
Yeah – let me run and see…
(and our interview concluded with him zipping off down the hall “like a cheetah”.)

So there you have it! He enjoys treatment because it keeps him fast; I enjoy him receiving treatment because it prevents so much illness and helps him recover quickly! That, in my book, is a win-win!

*one of the many benefits of cupping is that it can pull out cold that is trapped in the layers of the body. Untreated, this cold (which can come from outdoors, emotions, or even diet) would likely turn to pain or disease. Some people can feel the cold coming out during treatment – evidently Orion is one of them!

BONUS INTERVIEW: While I was transcribing the interview with Orion, Aeren, who is almost 3, asked me what I was doing. I explained and then asked him if he liked gua sha. “Yes!” He said, “I want gua sha on my back!”

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