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photo courtesy of Great American Fitness ChallengeThis past weekend, I had the privilege of working with the athletes at the Great American Fitness Challenge at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was a bright, beautiful, blazing day with a good breeze going.  There was a 5k, 15k, and an obstacle course.

I must congratulate Helen O’Leary- a good friend of Blue Lotus Health and Acupuncture, who placed 2nd female over-all in the 15k. She didn’t even look winded afterwards! It was a great, high-energy event with music, one of the largest outdoor yoga classes I’ve ever seen, and even a little Zumba.

I also wanted to congratulate the athletes of all levels who went out to the event and pushed themselves physically and mentally. I came across a lot of people who endured pretty serious calf muscle spasms, which was most likely due to dehydration from being out in the sun and losing so much fluid through sweat.  Acupuncture really can help one recover faster post-event, especially if you have tight calves, tight hamstrings, shin splints, or are recovering from any type of injury.

I encourage all you fitness warriors out there to try acupuncture pre-event and post event. I think you’ll find you perform with less pain and tightness and recover faster.

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