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Recently I attended the 2013 Pacific Symposium for PDA points. One of the presentations was on gua sha.

It turns out that Gua Sha is even BETTER than I thought! Look at all it has been proven using western research methods to do:

  1. Increase skin surface, connective tissue, and muscle micro-perfusion; resulting in regulation of temperature, either more warmth for cold or release of inflammation and heat.
  2. Produce non-harmful petechiae that DO NOT burst capillaries; the resulting ecchymosis that follows is actually beneficial unlike bruising.
  3. Because the body then releases bilirubin, biliverdin, and HO-1 (hemo-oxidase one), all of which reduce inflammation.
  4. The research Arya Nielson conducted also proves that it is the connective tissue, not nerves or muscles, which unidirectional needle and gua sha stimulation causes rapid changes in the body; all of this was found by using doppler radar.

I want to point out that Gua Sha is an ancient technique, performed for thousands of years, long before the West “discovered” Grasten or other techniques (supposedly accidentally). This means that the technique is not just safe, it is effective enough for even biomedicine to take notice.

She also mentioned that due to its anti-inflammatory effect, it is useful in treating the following conditions:

  • Hepatitis
  • Auto-immune disorders (regulates immune system)
  • Headaches
  • Acute infectious disease

I want to thank Arya Nielson for bringing forth this ground breaking research!

Some come in for a gua sha or cupping treatment, just $60 and it could very well change your life.

~Shifu Careaga~

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