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A lot of people ask me this question, which is ironic because I don’t think most people ask their doctors to predict the future. So I suppose in a way I should feel complimented. But, alas, however mystical acupuncture may seem, I am not a psychic or magician. I cannot know. BUT I can tell you about the general sweeping trends for your element type or other cases similar to yours.

There is one thing I thought I would convey here, a bit humorous but informative nonetheless. It is an observation I have noticed with most people:

  • One day after treatment – “I feel great.”
  • Two days after treatment – “I feel good.”
  • Three days after treatment – “I am used to feeling good now.”
  • 1 week after treatment – “I would like another treatment.”
  • 2 weeks after treatment – “I need another treatment.”
  • 3 weeks after treatment – “I really need another treatment!”
  • 4 weeks after treatment – “Holy cow I need a treatment so bad and I don’t have any time, I am so stressed!!”

The moral of this story is, no matter how long or short your nerves have you needing a treatment… don’t wait so long that life gets in the way and you fall out of new habits and back into the old ways of pain and loss. Just stay regular and don’t let life’s myriad tests separate you from your Vision.

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