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How to Make Your Acupuncturist Nervous (in 5 easy steps)



Although acupuncturists are generally equanimous by nature, they can be rattled! Here’s how…

1. Eat a lot of cold/raw food.
Digestion is a key to good energy. Keep it warm!

2. Dress loosey-goosey for the weather.
This is an excellent way to catch a cold. A scarf is a powerful accessory!

3. Go see an untrained professional.
If you’ve seen someone for acupuncture who was not licensed as an acupuncturist, and the treatment, “Didn’t work,” do yourself a favor and try again with someone who’s specifically educated in the field.

4. Eat dairy regularly.
In excess (which means different things for different people), dairy can lead to a condition we call “dampness” inside the body. That’s trouble      enough, but bear in mind that dampness also makes it more difficult to address and eradicate other conditions!

5. Say something catchy like, “I heard about this on TV so I ordered some online!”
First of all, and not everyone who talks about Chinese herbs on television knows this, but not every herb is appropriate for everyone.
Second of all, herbs are usually best used in a *formula* – that is to say, in combination with other herbs, not just as single entities.
Third of all, when you buy this sort of thing online, there’s no assurance of quality.
When it comes to the prescription and acquisition of herbs, it’s best to rely on a trained professional! 

**No acupuncturists were harmed in the compilation of this list

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