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Jook, also known as, congee is a kind of rice porridge eaten throughout Asia. It is very gentle on the digestive system so it is perfect for people who are currently ill, recovering from illness, or people who may feel run down or have a weak digestion. You don’t have to have anything wrong to eat it though because it is good for you and it tastes really good. Because it is so easy on the digestive system, it is very nourishing and it feels like you’re stomach is getting a warm hug from the inside 🙂

It’s easy on digestion and also easy to make. There are many recipes for jook or congee and there have been whole books written about different varieties.

Here is a basic recipe that you can try in a crock pot: (you can cook it on high for about 4 hours

-rinse 1 cup of rice and add to 4-10 cups of water (the amount of water depends on how ‘soupy’ you want your rice to be. The ‘soupier’ it is, the easier it is to digest.)

-dice fresh ginger (a thumb sized piece or more or less depending on how warming you want it to be.)

-a pinch or two of sea salt

-dried chives or fresh chives or scallions (added just before


-for more flavor you can substitute a cup or two of the water for some organic chicken broth and/or add a few squirts of Bragg’s liquid aminos.


There are many types of rice that you can try and you can try to mix the rices together; for example, 1/2 cup white basmati rice with 1/2 cup brown jasmine rice. Generally white rice is easier to digest since it doesn’t have much fiber; however brown rice is more nutritious. It is an extremely versitle dish. You can make it vegan or vegetarian or you can cook it with meat. You can add any vegetables with it. You can also make a nourishing, sweet congee to tonify qi and blood with gou qi zi (goji berries), huang qi (astragalus), long yan rou (longan fruit), and shan yao (dioscorea rhizoma).


The sky is the limit when it comes to making congee. You can eat it any time of day and it is super easy and convenient. You can make a large batch in a crock pot and eat it through out the week. Have fun with it, enjoy, and get creative!



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