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I knew better.

At the end of my last article, I wasn’t feeling very well, and here’s the reason: not enough qi to support a cleanse.

Now, there are three reliable ways you can know the symptoms of qi deficiency in the middle jiao (refers to the function of digestion which allows us to break down food to change into energy). One way is to look it up in a book. Another way is to pop-quiz an acupuncturist. OR you could just peruse the last bit of my article wherein I was exhibiting the following symptoms following only one day of a “juice cleanse:”

“Slight headache, a little dizzy…Muscles…weak…eyes…dim…head…weird…so tired…Foggy thinking…Heavy head…abdominal pain…lethargic…I just want to go to bed…My head feels like it’s gained 10 lbs. Stomach hurts, slightly bloated…tired…”

I totally nailed it, and it took me four days to recover.

I think there are some people who would tell you that those symptoms are from my body detoxing, but because I knew the signs of beforehand, and because I also knew my constitution and TCM diagnosis, I know that those symptoms are from my body not being strong enough in the qi department to handle the cold, raw, liquid nature of juice for sustenance all day without results. I also knew better. I did it anyway, out of curiosity and in the hope that it could be informative for someone else who is considering a cleanse, either one day or longer.

Please repeat after me: “Cleanses (especially liquid ones) are not for everyone at every point of life.” If you are already exhibiting even the slightest signs of low energy, bruising easily, foggy thinking, heaviness in the head, etc., please come in and speak to someone. We can help you sort through the options for “cleansing” as well as help support you with herbs, so your body is able to respond to the cleanse without knocking you out for days!

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