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Science – not Scientism (the worship of sciences and technology) – is a process of discovery of what NOT to believe. It is based on empiricism, because all data is subjective, some more some less. Many people seem to have missed this lesson in their studies, or forgotten it conveniently, whether to support a dogma or a profit margin. But the FACTS are that all data is viewed subjectively, as Quantum physics tells us, and that we interpret that information to find what Truths we hold be be self evident. There is an attempt out there to remove this or pretend it is removed, and call this “Evidence Based Medicine”, when quite contrarily all the evidence has showed and revealed that western society – and many of its ideas – are sick, sickening, and environmentally disastrous. I want to refute this at another time, but suffice to say: if you live your life counting Vitamins and antioxidants, you’ll spend a lot of your hard earned money making someone rich, but you will quite miss the Point of It All.

But empiricism – the use of the senses to observe and study – is exactly what the Science of Traditional Oriental Medicines (Chinese and Indian, aka Ayurveda) were based upon. And to understand them you have to get absolutely fundamental. So here are the first 7 bases of ALL SCIENCE (in the original Greek meaning of the word).

The first basis is the 0, the nothing. But this nothing is not completely empty as the classics say “True emptiness is not empty [for it has potential]”

  • 0 = Hun Dun (primordial soup) + Cosmic Void = Wu-ji
  • The second basis is the One, 1 = Tao = Way/Path; when within God it is called Te (Duhh) and means Virtue or Power.
  • 0+1=1; this 1 is Shang Di, the Alpha (and Omega), the Prime Observer, and Prime Mover. Shang Di most literally means “Most High One”; Therefore these three bases are called the Three Pure Ones, and they are One, not really 3. We say Shang Di is a fact because all things are modeled after this original Observer. To have an observable Universe, you have to have at least an Observer. As to your relationship to Him(/Her), we leave that to you.
  • From the One, Shang Di (God) made (in His Image) the 2: yin and yang or as the Bible calls them the male and female. They are not mere principles or categorical terms, but literal forces of the Universe. I will cover these in greater depth at another time.
  • 1+2=3 and from the Yin and Yang came Heaven (Creator), Man (Adam), and Earth (Creation). In the human these are the Spirit, Mind, and Body, or the Shen, Qi, and Jing; or in sciences: Spiritual, Mental, Physical. Mankind has since tried to combine the first two into a less “offensive” word “psyche” but this really will lead to all sorts of confusions (see: Freud).
  • 2+3=5, these are the Wu Xing or 5 Phase Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood/Wind; they are states of energy; you could call them 0 state, gas, liquid, solid, and plasma if you wanted… but that is missing the point. At any rate, most things in life that are not usually addressed with yin or yang, are divided up by the 5 phases.
  • 2^3=3+5=8, these are the 8 Gua or Trigram laws (dharma) which bind the whole Universe.


This mathematical series, later called the Fibonacci, is the basis of Chinese Science, and is all mankind so far really knows 100% for sure. The more you divide up things, the fuzzier the math gets, and when you get down to it, the slight differences don’t matter as much as the Original Whole.

This is the foundation of Chinese Medicine, Philosophy, and All that Is. And what’s great is it won’t change based on patents, profits, or what year it is or who published what study backed by whatever lobby in whatever temporal journal.

This is information you can bank on your whole life.

-Shifu Careaga, teacher Wu-Tao-Di

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