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Announcing that we are tentatively scheduled to host kids’ gongfu classes in Quarter 1 of 2016. The precise day and time has not yet been decided but the options are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, 4pm on.

Our classes will be a mixture of basics, games, and self-defense skills.

“Karate Kid”
  • Stances
  • Kicks
  • How to punch
  • Little games designed to exercise and increase co-ordination
  • Two person games to prepare kids for martial arts and wrestling
  • Animal forms
  • Bo-staff spinning
  • Stretching
  • and more…

Our classes come with manuals.  The first two weeks are a free trial.

What are the benefits of gongfu (kung fu)? Discipline, weight-loss, self-respect, confidence, self-defense, and a social outlet.

If you are interested in having your kid get into real kung fu, with lots of fun, and helpful guidance, contact us now:

Just a little more info: my children have been raised with Chinese Gongfu values. My son, age six, is performing triple digit arithmetic, doing multiplication and basic algebra, memorizing presidents and geography, and still has a fantastic physique and is very athletic. So it works.


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