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It’s cold and flu season. Now is the time to get prepared!

  1. Come in and get a free copy of our herbal home tea remedy you can make yourself. Yummy and potent!
  2. Stock up on your prescriptions and patents for cold and flu prevention: pro-dromal stage, head colds, cough, phlegm, headache pills, and hot sore throat/strep killer.
  3. Come in for wind-expelling treatment after a long hike out in the fall weather. The Huang Di Nei Jing said more than 2,500 years ago that dampness caught in the Fall would cause lung damage in the later winter, early spring. Don’t be the victim tomorrow for today’s mistakes!
  4. Liniments, oils, and patches for your aching back, shoulders and joints!
  5. Also you should be aware of the amount you sweat and the times you sweat. Remember, wind-cold invasion takes 2-3 days to turn into a cold infection, and about 36 hours for a flu infection that can head into the lungs and throat.

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A lot of people are asking us if this is a good idea. I cannot specifically tell any of you yay or nay. But I want to outline some problems I have with the new vaccines:

  1. Most of it is based on unfounded science. Influenza is a retrovirus that uses mRNA… it can mutate AFTER you catch it. The vaccines, old and new cannot keep up with such changes. They are simply guessing. For every person it helps prevent, I’ve seen it give the flu to another person.
  2. There is an inordinately high risk of narcolepsy associated with the new vaccines. Hence I cannot recommend them for children under age 10 or the elderly over age 70.
  3. From a TCM perspective, bypassing the exterior layers to inject into the blood is risky anyhow. So if you get really bad aches in the exterior from the vaccine, come see us rather than taking antibiotics. Antibiotics cannot kill viruses and also they are cold in nature, so they will encourage the flu to penetrate deeply into your vital layers of tissue. This is pointless. For that matter steroid injections also are cold-damp in nature and result in the same.
  4. The best treatment of flu post-infection is REST and warm food. This is what Americans do not do well. Once infected, without TCM, expect 7-10 days of recovery. With TCM, post infection expect 3-7 days. It is much better to prevent than to treat after illness starts. If you are getting prodromal flu signs I need to see you within 12 hours or you are in for the ride permanently.

~Shifu Careaga

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