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A heavy heart is hard to live with. That’s why laughter is the best medicine. Today on this yang day I want to remind all of my patients and friends that the secrets of longevity are a dense body, but not a dense heart or heavy one.

The methods of alleviating pressure from the heart – physical and psychospiritual – are many. From cardiovascular exercise and “hot yoga” (which are good on yang days as there is more energy and they won’t overtax the heart) to comedies (dark, dry, or light and vulgar are all okay) to smiling at strangers or hugging children… let your heart’s anxieties go.

I want to be clear, too, when you slough off the weightiness of the world’s woes, that is not merely emotional energy being moved in the nerves near to the heart and throat chakras (and between them the thymus gland, an immune system stalwart). It is the expulsion of vapors of negative energy that accumulate from the experience of life, accumulation of karma (egoic attachment and delusions), and the removal of extra phlegm and fluids that crush the organ and increase pressure both on and inside the chest and throat. These vapors do not come from bacon or coffee alone, but any myriad of causes.

The price of our ego, our pride, our hubris, our Knowing itself, is this exhaust of vapors and fire in the chest. It cooks us.

Therefore, value water, the substance, the spiritual type, and above all calmness and stillness. Extra excitement, drama, and politics make us rush from one affair and circumstance to another.

The holiday season is the perfect time to lift off burdens and wish well to others. “Good will towards Mankind” is not for mankind, it is for our own heart.

>>It is also the perfect time to give someone the gift of alternative health and levity of spirit; acupuncture is especially well suited to lifting worries off the mind and heart, and so is tuina. Herbs and herbal teas can help circulate energy, as well. Something to bear in mind!<<

It is 100% true that people can survive a bullet to the brain, but the moment a heart does not beat the person goes unconscious, and if it is torn or shot they die without exception. Thus it is 100% true that the heart of longevity is itself the heart.

A final note to take with you… the source of our soul’s radiant energy, also called the Golden Flower – is in the heart chakra. It is energized by the co-mingling

Secret of the Golden Flower, Translated by Thomas Cleary

of the watery root, fiery sacral, earthy solar plexus and on the other end of the Taiji pole the arriving energy of Heaven via the Crown and Third Eye and ingestion of air, food, and water through the narrow, and vulnerable throat chakra. This confluence of swirling energies recharges the chakra which then fruits the healthy organs nearby and keeps the heart emperor/empress in communion with the soul and mind-lord; and therefore Aligned, Virtuous, empowered, and truly happy. True happiness is not found when the sovereign within seeks all the items of the world for themselves, but by seeking the inner light within.

This light is radiant. But it can be drained, obscured, and sealed off by Dark Forces, whether bad news, griefs, loss, anger, or lusts. So be careful not to drain this Golden Light which powers your ability to grasp these words. “Turn the light around” and practice the “inner smile” meditation as often as you can remember it. Breathe fully, not in the chest but into the “Sea of Qi” below the navel… enabling water-earth (endocrine system) to regular the Cardio-vascular-respiratory systems to move smooth, unimpeded, and at ease (Shao Yao).

Do this, and the heart will tick as long as you need it to, and you will have many more chances to seek your Destiny before Fate catches up. It also happens to be the ancient secret to thwarting bad luck and Chaos… but that is a story for class and another time.

Happy Holidays one and all. Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Mankind.
-Shifu Ramon

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