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My friends,
Continuing the series about Longevity, and the ancient study of Yang-Shen or Nourishing Life, I want to talk about a specific type of stress.


Among the main methods for reducing loss of essence and Qi is the idea that first you remove blockages and get rid of “leaky behaviors.”

I must admit that this above one is one of the hardest leaky behaviors I’ve ever had to let go of. I care so much that I literally take on the burdens of the world (and my mid thoracic suffers because of it [“Supporting Pillar”]). This has led to many problems both in youth and in moderating the aging process.

Firstly, in youth it leads to the (normal) behavior of being very conflict oriented. Creating drama where maybe the output simply isn’t worth it… or becoming attached to the results of something larger than our own inner force to change (such as ending wars), and consequently becoming jaded when they don’t. Now while these things wisen us and temper us, they also age us.

A lifetime habit of not reigning in our tendencies to “get mixed in” with “the World” will lead to a definite loss of spiritual potency and also lead to such mental diseases as cynicism, nihilism, and existentialism. Or conversely, hedonism which shirks all responsibilities and obviously does not benefit anyone.

This is the result of not moderating the leaky behavior of caring too much.

But what else does the behavior do? It leads us into the addiction of guilt-laying and guilt-finding and guilt-owning.

Suddenly, every cause must be followed, every thing is of UTMOST importance, and when people aren’t awake we come to loathe people. Yes, people are the problem most of the time, but they are also the solutions. It pains me to see so many people make negative, hate-filled statements on the internet, especially Facebook and Youtube, when in reality, most of us are really good people. And most are at least acceptably educated. In the clinic I see a very diverse set of people and I rarely find anyone I don’t like. How come it is, then, that the internet causes so much hate and issues?

The thing is that we are addicts of Guilt. And this has got to stop if you want to attain longevity. Longevity comes from continual emptiness and letting energy (food, air, water, thoughts, and emotions, and even light and sound) come flowing into you and out of you with ease. In this way your Qi Ji (Qi machine/body) will not age as readily.

So I implore you, before laying guilt or accepting blame… or seeing a landmine in every food, every behavior, every day of life… ask yourself, what is the outcome or reward of taking on this burden? If it doesn’t give back what you put into it… it is by definition not Yang Shen.

Thank you, and have a blessed day,
-Shifu Careaga

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