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There is a flower. It resides inside of your chest. This flower cannot be found on machines because machines cannot touch your soul. This place is where your basic energy resides. (I am compressing a lot of meditation secrets into this as simple as I can, bear with me.)

Your basic energy is like the Qi that runs the Tao (the “Force”)… the energy that is om or the “Word” which pervades all.

That basic energy is in you in a fractal, minute [yet profound] portion. It powers your inner lamp; your spirit energy. Your soul cannot be destroyed though it can be blocked and marred by life. But your spirit can be consumed. It is controlled by this basic energy which is known as “The Golden Flower.”

The secular text, the “Secret of the Golden Flower” (look for the Cleary translation instead of the Baines one) details many parts of this mysterious spiritual anatomy.

However, all that I want to mention is that a LOT of longevity is about protecting your heart. When you don’t protect your heart, you die. Nothing else kills you as fast as a dead heart. It is what connects you to everything. So don’t let it be drained all the way, and don’t let bad things enter it. Moreover, from time to time turn it around on itself and shine on you (mirror or positivist affirmations, prayer, etc…). This “shining” of the heart area will help ease many pains and afflictions.

Reduce strains on the heart.  Let go of hatred and grudges. Be carefree and wander freely. Open yourself to new possibilities, and let go of out of date baggage.

This is part 3 of attaining longevity (according to the Sages).
So just to review:

1) Reduce leaky habits

2) Breathe into your feet

3) reduce strain on the heart and “shine it” (learn the inner smile!!)

No one can take your Qi without your giving it away.
-Shifu Careaga

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