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As if this medicine could not get any stranger, not only is Spirit a substance you can have/lose, and Qi (vital breath) a substance, and of course Jing-essence a substance… so is willpower. How is this possible?
First let us remind the reader of the “5 shen” (spirits):

  • Shen = spirit-fire
  • Yi = intellect-earth
  • Hun = ethereal soul(s)-wood
  • Po = corporeal soul(s)-metal
  • Zhi = willpower (and memory*)-water

So the five of these coming together are what make up a true conscious individual. Their tri-dosha (from Ayurveda) interaction is what forms the consciousness, id, ego, superego, subconscious, and unconscious minds. The article covering this is in my subscription blog at

Let us remember that these are energy waves, but energy = mc^2 and so they are also material. There must, therefore, be a material analog to these energy waves in the body. They will not be found as a single substance, however, but as a cocktail.
I can tell you from having observed the pumping out of the Zhi-willpower, a large portion of it is adrenaline, but also parts are other adrenal (male part of Chinese Kidney) hormones such as cortisol, ACTH, renin, and testosterone (the “exterior kidneys”).

Another part, which cannot be ignored, however is the neural conduction and indeed the very heartbeat, and glomerural filtration activity in the medulla of the kidneys. Why? These are all yang. It takes neural activity to fire the muscles when lifting an object or fighting. It may not take muscle perse to extend one’s will through the air or into a project, but it takes “golden light” aka focus and concentration of the CNS through the cranial nerves and consumption of sugar (just like muscles) in the prefrontal and frontal cortex. The burning of sugar may belong to fire, as do nerves, however not the Sovereign Fire of the heart, but the “Minister’s Fire” housed in the Ming Men (Gate of Brightness) located, you guess it, level with the kidneys at L3 in the small of the back.

Thus we see in cases of burnout, of depression caused by taxation, of essence overuse (like sexual overstrain), obesity, etc… the Kidney Yang (androgens) being so weak the person becomes “andropausal” and they get:

  • weakness of legs
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • impotence
  • low libido
  • hernias
  • hemorrhoids
  • varicose veins
  • achy, stiff knees and joints
  • DJD/DDD/arthritis
  • pallor and anemia
  • cyanosis
  • heart rhythm issues/CHF (water unable to regulate fire)
  • COPD (kidney Qi not anchoring Lung Qi)

In the name of not just Longevity, then, but Vitality – the ability to enjoy life and do things, I implore the reader to restrain the overuse of will-substance, reduce the use of alcohols that drain the kidneys, guard against sexual deterioration (such as porn addiction and chronic masturbation), and retain as much potency of the Zhi-Jing as possible.

In the case of weight-lifting and exercise: it is vitally important that the modern person recognize the fallacy of the belief of “exercise 110% every time.” This may work for awhile, but it will certainly lead to distress and issues. I myself did Shaolin Gongfu so much, so often, so long, exerting myself so far that eventually I had an irregular and slow heartbeat. This is not a healthy thing (because it is in athletes), it is very bad. Your heart is your center of not just life but spirituality. Therefore I implore the reader to consider carefully their heart health and not only rely on exercises that drain the fire (both heart in cardio and kidneys in exertion/moving weight), but respect all 5 elements.

Below: take a look at the Water-Earth-Fire tridosha known as the Endocrine System

Water-Fire-Earth Tridosha


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