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My Map of Native Cultures of the Ohio River Valley

One of the things I do is research and provide tools for the public. Recently I spent several days creating this map to demonstrate some of the hidden Native American culture. It’s interactive and useful, albeit some of the information is unconfirmed or maybe flat out wrong. Still, it gives a research based tool for you to use, if you wish.,-85.0515144,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s10CK4UUKBl4urcvV5bPAiYjqb3K0

Although the Native studies is the “red” path and Chinese studies the “yellow” path, all the Wu xing are one Tao, and so to study Fire is to reveal the Earth phase. I hope that students of the Path will consider this when you embark on studies from a certain area of the world; how they are all related and One path.

Also: check out my son’s awesome map about the top 100 composers!!

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