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Now let’s suppose you want to do Qigong/cultivation, what types are there?

  1. Yin of Yin – Shen gong/Nei Gong – aka spirituality and spiritual development; pure energy work
  2. Yang of Yin – Meditation; methods of mental refinement, stilling the mind, astral work, etc…
  3. Yin of Yang – Moving meditations, Qi gong, daoyin exercises, yoga, etc… all methods to circulate Qi and exercise the Qi/prajna for longevity, revitalizing the Essence (Jing)
  4. Yang of Yang – Daoist Exercises, yoga (hot), calisthenics, etc… all methods of exercising the channels and bones, strengthening muscles and tendons, and moving blood and lymph.

Despite whatever school you encounter, whoever the guru is, or sage… the Truth is that the ratio of all four is really individually determined. I can help you figure out your mixture based on your: Element type, volume of Qi, current vitality, propensities, and time constraints… but ultimately you’re going to need to try out different things and see what works for you.

There is a classic which sums up the pragmatic sense of things that Chinese Medicine has about longevity and life, it says

Shi Gui replied, “The structure of government always be­gins with oneself. ‘When blood and energy do not circulate as they should, this is called pathological blockage, which is the source of six extreme afflictions.

“The continuity of blood and energy, the coordination of the muscles and vessels, are not to be neglected. Let the brain relax, eat a varied diet; use intelligence for guidance, use work for exercise. Without food, there is no way to fill the stomach and develop the frame. Without intelligence, there is no way of discerning whether one is inwardly empty or full. Without work, there is no way to exercise the limbs to get rid of their afflictions.” ~Sex, Health, and Long Life (translated by Thomas Cleary)

Anytime you see extremism, especially involving money and marketing, you can be sure it is far from the Way of Health, and is only meant for a small handful of people. I am not biased towards or against any school of cultivation, but I say that everyone needs some ratio of cultivation. But how can exercise be more important than energy work, or energy less important than spiritual work? Or how can energy work succeed without an energetic cultivation as well as a physical one, since energy flows through and around the channels which lie within muscles and nerves? How can you have good energy without glucose, sodium, calcium, and cholesterol? If you do, it will be short lived.

Please do not adopt various byways without first considering the matter thoroughly!
-Shifu Careaga

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