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We have already filled a spot or two on our roster… but now we have a new problem… we need more space in Lexington!

What we are looking for is a place with excellent Feng-shui, semi-residential like but with commercial zoning. Near to new Circle or Man-O-War but also close enough to a major vein of Lexington, on the southside.

We’d like to have room to build greenhouses and garden, and make training areas and pagodas. We’d also prefer some kind of a water feature (fountain, pond, etc…) and the rights to grow trees and to mulch as we need.

As always we DO want to sublet, and we are still looking for the right fit in our Lexington (and Berea) locations: Massage therapy, Chiro, Cranio-Sacral, even a personal trainer or physical therapist if what they do is primarily about body weight and bands, egoscue, etc…

We are hoping to find people and places that will help us on our continuing path to developing the premier health center in KY. Culture, education, community, and time-lasting values are what we want to share and promote. So any place that we find has to have a good niche feeling and a sense of security and respect.

If you know anywhere or anybody we could talk to, please give us a call or shoot us an email,

Thank you,
-Shifu Careaga

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