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Aging With Grace

[pullquote align=”right”]Grace Place, The Health Club for Seniors is a new concept in senior services because the club combines the services of a medical model adult day center, a senior center, and a spa in an exclusive country club atmosphere. The focus is on prevention and improvement! The founder, DG Gridley, who is a senior herself, discovered that the day time options for meeting the needs of seniors were limited in Lexington, KY, when she became the primary caregiver for her mother and father in law in 2007. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has been DG’s guiding principle as long as she can remember, and prompted her to set about creating a the kind of environment where she would like to spend her days as an elder. Statistics show that most seniors prefer to remain in their homes as long as their needs can be met there. ‘Aging in place’ is also the most cost effective setting for aging. As we age, we may need a little assistance with medical needs, getting proper nutrition, and social interaction and mental stimulation. The Club provides all that and more!


Wow, I am just floored to see the inside of this place. This is clearly Lexington’s #1 Daytime-only Senior’s Citizen Center. Very impressive facilities: game room, gym, spa, TVs, comfortable couches, and more. A list of fun clubs:

  • Gardening
  • Singing
  • Scrabble
  • Missions
  • Military
  • LOVE
  • UK Fans
  • Book
  • Art
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Bridge
  • Veterans
  • Natural Resources
  • Bingo (Coming soon)
Aging in Place


They have 3 licensed/certified nurses on staff who help you (or a loved one) create a roadmap to health and wellness (Wellness Map).

The memberships are very affordable: $100/yr + $13/hr or $65/day

Breakfast is $3! Lunch is only $8!! And they are designed by a Nutritionist.

Teatime daily at 3:30pm.

Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture will, as time goes on, be able to provide private and community-style acupuncture there, as well as Tai Chi and Qigong lessons. Just keep checking back with them.

And just a reminder: keep checking our Affiliates Map to find great local business who will treat you well and get you the best products and services!

Gym area
Gym Area… comfort built in!

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