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We have a new Affiliate in the Richmond area: Richmond Family Chiropractic, Dr. Daniel Rogers, a graduate of the famed Palmer College of Chiropractics (just like Dr. Pelfrey next door in Lexington!). Please take a look at our Affiliates Map and you will find his information there as well as an easy way to get directions to his location!
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Also, we are still looking for sub-letting opportunities in Berea.

Finally, we are going to be expanding as the year unfolds, and we are going to be looking for more and more acupuncturists to join our 4-person team.

Soon a “job offer description” will become available. But in general if you are an acupuncturist interested in the opportunities in KY, West Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio, please contact us. Not often can you find a way to open a clinic with top google ranking and get most of your back office work handled for you. Keep your eyes peeled for more information, but send us a line anytime to!

-Shifu Ramon

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