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We would like to welcome Daoshi Nathan Glover to the Wu-Dao-Ti family as an adjunct Philosopher. Nathan, (Daoist name Li Jian) is a 22nd Generation Longmen Daoist Priest and a Zheng Yi Daoist Priest in the ‘Awakening to Reality’ Sect.

Nathan will be providing Daoist liturgy, scripture recital, and guided meditation for those interested in partaking in authentic religious Daoism. Nathan has been involved in various esoteric societies since 2006, to include Rosicrucianism, Martinism, Freemasonry, and the Gnostic Church. It was upon studying western internal alchemy, that he was recommended to research “The Secret of the Golden Flower” (A Daoist / Ch’an Buddhist treatise on cultivating the eternal elixir) which led to him discovering Daoism, and he then sought to be ordained within a valid Daoist lineage. In 2015, he made contact with Zhang Zhi Chang (Patrick Lovitt – Daoist Abbot of the Qingcheng Mountain Daoist Association – Houston Branch) under whose auspices he studied for three years, finally attaining the distinction of a Daoist Priest.

Nathan is an ardent believer in energy work, and the premise that the material world is but a manifestation of energetic principals. He believes that in partaking in Daoist scripture, one not only purifies oneself in, learns, studies, and inculcates the Dao, but that liturgy is a form of meditation in and of itself, which leads to greater peace, tranquility, and prosperity.

He believes that in ritual can be found an energetic wellspring whereby those so inclined can find a constant center, of power and peace. Nathan can be reached at 859-382-2565 or

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Ds. Nathan Glover

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