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I thought I’d settle once and for all this idea that people have that it is difficult to find time to live a healthy, alternative lifestyle. That’s bogus.
Firstly let me point out that my research indicates that people, on average, can handle about 10 activity orbits in their lives per day (not counting regular upkeep, etc…), and 17 total per week. The number is higher for under age 20, and over age 60, but all in all those are good options.

My recommendation, then, is to reserve 7 of those spots daily for what you have to keep in orbit in your life, and spend the other three on nourishing life, and for the week, do about 5 more, and have 2 or 3 “fun things” which might be complete and utter wastes of time, but allow you to reward the instant gratification side of yourself. (For example: check Facebook/social media). To enter your information into my research go here:¬†

Onto the list. Below are the activities on the left and their five element or energetic corresponding uses on the right. What this allows you to do is take your diagnosis and immediately go to work regulating it (with all due respect to the elements, climate, diet, time of year, moon phase, your current situations in life, etc…) ¬†– Be aware many of the concepts below have articles on this site, just use the Search bar above to find them!

  1. Tai Chi (nei jia) – moves the wood element (Liver Qi), strengthens metal-earth relationship
  2. Qigong – builds the Qi, shapes wood and makes metal malleable, regulates water and fire
  3. Yoga/Daoyin/stretching – strengthens water and earth, regulates fire, descends Liver Qi
  4. Meditation/Shengong – cultivates Spirit (Shen Qi) and Essence (Jing Qi)
  5. Martial Arts/Boxing/Wrestling – stretches sinews, regulates Wood, reduces ego, drains fire
  6. Hiking – re-establishes connection to Dao, “reverses” five elements that is, makes them normal
  7. Running – drains heart fire, sequels liver fire
  8. Family Walks – unites yin and yang and harmonizes five elements
  9. Longstride walking (to replace power walking) – establishes even rhythm of yin and yang
  10. Bicycle riding – circulates the Qi in channels, drains heart fire, builds lung Qi
  11. Horseback riding – cultivates Spirit Qi, fixes Shen Disturbances, drains fire (but can introduce arthritis, so moderate length)
  12. Country drives – moves the spirit, eliminates anxiety (but can stagnate GB Qi in legs, so stretch often)
  13. Reading a magazine/newspaper – stimulates the Yi (intellect), but can stagnate the blood and Spleen Qi
  14. Studying a subject – build spirit fire onto one’s Ming-Dan (elixir of destiny)
  15. Brainstorming for a career or project – focuses the Liver Qi onto a task
  16. Art – Drains spirit Qi, reducing heart fire in brain (anxieties)
  17. Music – moves the five elements, harmonizes them within their yin and yang aspects; so long as music matches needs
  18. Cooking – harmonizes the five elements, cultivates Spleen and Stomach Qi
  19. Herbalism – harmonizes yin and yang, nourishes Kidneys
  20. Gardening – harmonizes Water and Wood
  21. Building models – harmonizes Wood and Metal
  22. Carpentry – smooths the liver and gallbadder Qi in channels, descends rebellious lung Qi
  23. Blacksmithy/swordsmithy – harmonizes fire and metal, but could cause phlegm in lungs so be careful
  24. Calligraphy – moves the spirit, corrects the Yi (intellect) and houses the Hun in its home
  25. Reading poetry/plays – ascends heart Qi for cases of Heart Deficiency
  26. Performance arts – harmonizes the egoic mind by providing it an outlet
  27. Calisthenics – promotes the harmony of wood and earth, flesh and sinew
  28. Pilates – harmonizes the lungs and spleen, breath and flesh
  29. Cardiovascular exercise/sports – drains liver yang, regulates the golden light, strengthens the Zhi (will)
  30. Giving/receiving massage – nurtures the Fire/Earth relationship (love and compassion)
  31. Playing chess or other strategy games – focuses the Yi (intellect), diverts attention from anxieties
  32. Bonzai/oragami – humbles the egoic self by allowing it to play God but regulate Wood via Shen Qi
  33. Tea hour – Encourages social health
  34. Chanting/singing/recitation – drains the Lung Qi of desire to talk excessively and gossip
  35. Sipping wine by a fire – warms and moves the liver blood in the Mansion of Blood
  36. Camping/backpacking – empties the Hun of worry and scheming
  37. Rock-climbing – hardens the will, flesh, bone, and drains the intellect
  38. Skiing – moves the Shen into communion with Dao and harmonizes metal and water, but too much cold will harm the joints
  39. Swimming – harmonizes the Shen with Dao via relationship to water, but is highly dangerous, too much damp will harm the body
  40. Fishing – empties the Hun and Po of desire
  41. Hunting/wild foods gathering – harmonizes wood and earth, strengthens Stomach and Gallbladder Qi and the Dai mai.
  42. Charity work – warms the Heart
  43. Research/discovery – inspires the Mind
  44. Sewing – Unclutters the Hun and Po through concentration, empties the mind (especially combined with singing)
  45. Dieting properly/managing nutrition – harmonizes wood and earth
  46. Teaching youth – reduces age and ego
  47. Cleaning the house/organizing – moves the hun, harmonizes the 5 shen and karma
  48. Photography – charges the golden flower, but can increase desire and drain Minister’s Fire
  49. Making crafts – see sewing
  50. Shooting/sharpsmanship – focuses the Yi, humbles the ego
  51. Animal conservation work – harmonizes the ego with nature
  52. Speaking/learning a foreign language – exercises/stretches the Yi
  53. Playing like a child/at a playground/park – reduces aging, stretches the Wood and Earth
  54. Kite-flying – reminds the Hun of freedom
  55. Scuba-diving – reminds Hun of Source/Hun Dun
  56. Boating/sailing/surfing/windsurfing – enables one to feel in rhythm with Life
  57. Spelunking – helps one enter Hun Dun unafraid
  58. Participating in civic activities/protests – helps one expand their awareness, opens Shen
  59. Fundraising/Networking – Enables one to exercise the sexual energy in platonic settings, salemanship drains golden light and kidney Yang
  60. Church/spiritual worship – harmonizes the 5 shen with Yuan Shen (Original or Holy Spirit)
  61. Logic/programming/puzzles – exercises the brain
  62. Learning a new trade – exercises the hands
  63. Collecting/hobbies – nourishes the Earth in cases of weak Kidney Qi (due to Fear)
  64. Mowing/trimming – corrects wood with metal
  65. Car-modifying – corrects metal with wood via fire (love), be careful of toxicity
  66. Aromatherapy – directly nourishes the 5 shen
  67. Crystaltherapy – directly harmonizes the 5 shen and yin and yang and organs
  68. Magnetics/geomantics/geology – moves the blood, frees the Qi in channels
  69. Cartography – expands the 3rd Eye
  70. Librarianism – Nourishes the Yi, can stagnate the Spleen Qi
  71. Archaeological/historical/genealogical work – nourishes Kidney Essence
  72. Invention – Nourishes Heart Fire (Spirit) and drains Wood
  73. Engineering/robotics – Nourishes the Po through Metal and Creation
  74. Mechanical/welding/machining/etc… – Cools the body, sedates the liver, hardens bones
  75. Litter cleanup/environmental work – Harmonizes Wood, Water, and Earth with Aether/Ether and satisfies the Hun and Po’s desires

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to correct the body, mind, and spirit.
Be sure to mind the length of time, how much of each activity, and what your CF and constitution and organ patterns need specifically more of. The more you can do this, and rotate through different activities, the more balanced and harmonious you will become.

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