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proFertility Acupuncture in Lexington

by Mark Lightfoot, owner Dandelion Beadstore

Shifu Ramon began treating my adoptive son, little Marc, in November. He was born three months premature due to complications from his mother who had used drugs in utero. Doctors said he couldn’t make it, but he did. However, since then he began having seizures, which the doctors couldn’t fix. Ramon was in my bead store, Dandelion, and we were talking about my two little ones, and he offered to treat Marc. He explained something about latent heat pathogens due to fetal toxins. I didn’t know anything but I knew I had to do something. Marc was having seizures and drooling excessively.

So I took him in on a Monday and Ramon did only a few needles. Marc did great, he never cried. Ramon explained he was using the thinnest needles so they barely feel them. Marc just lay there and I watched as his skin turned red around the needles. Then we went home. After a nap I noticed Marc wasn’t drooling at all. It was then I started to think he could be cured. Since then he’s had almost no seizures and his drooling is like gone. His grandmother couldn’t believe it. The doctors want to make Ramon’s treatments standard care for cases like this. It’s remarkable how different, I’d say he’s 300% better than before. He’s alert, interested. I thought he was going to be autistic.

I am so grateful, I feel like he is saving my kids’ lives because I don’t know what things would be like for them growing up elsewise. Actually I do know. I was a “dumpster baby” of the 60’s. A product of Hippy Free Love. I have had a lot of health problems, so I am really glad Ramon is here to help my kids.

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