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Torrent Falls

You do not have to leave the state to have a full and exciting summer, vacation or weekend. I, your practitioner Sf. Ramon, have made it a personal investment of time to find for you the top 450 destinations in Kentucky to visit. What’s better I have put them on this map:

the Hidden Destinations of KY Map

With this map you can, for example, enter the word Falls and find all the waterfalls. You can look for swimming holes, caves, arches, museums, drives, drive-ins, covered bridges, campgrounds, fishing, hiking, architecture, theatres, and more.

When you want to have a life full of Qi, you need to also get out and MOVE THE QI. That means enjoy life to its fullest. Support local commerce. See parts of Kentucky you didn’t even know existed (like the Knobs or Pine Mountain Ridge). Get out there are see how majestic, seemingly tropical, and certainly magical Kentucky can be.

As always, feel free to ask me for recommendations. I’ve been to most places, so it is easy to tell you which are the best.

OR, you can follow along in my KY tourism Data Spreadsheet, and see the scores yourself (scroll right to see final scores).

Either way, get out there, and make the best of your day; take the kids and grandkids, and get them off the TV and couch. A brighter tomorrow starts today!


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