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In preparation for an advanced meditation seminar I want to hold in August, I thought I’d give a little hint at some of what we’ll be talking about.

First… did you know that your pulses may be different from side to side, front to back, and even have 2 pulses within the same radial artery?

This phenomenon is due to the fact that arteries are made of smooth muscle and therefore modulated by the vagus nerve… the only cranial nerve emerging from the skull to innervate the body and organs. It has a direct connection to the heart, small intestine, liver, and peripheral nervous system (PNS) including over-ride authority over the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and enteric nervous system (ENS). This has been demonstrated countless times by meditating monks, hypnotherapy, fMRI, etc… and is the key to many systems of energetic practice. ┬áIt is crucial to understanding the pathology of hypothyroidism and thymus degradation.

However, the reason it is so important here is that the vagus nerve allows the reflexology of the brain to bounce back data it receives from the body out to the muscular network in a slightly delayed (30 seconds to a minute) manner, and this is “imprinted” on the pulses in each position from top to bottom, shallow to deep, left (yin) to right( yang). There is also the ability to feel the different rhythms, in some cases, between the atria or ventricles if they are not in the correct wave-pattern. For instance the ventricle missing a beat or the atrium pumping too fast, etc…

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Remember how I talked about the fact that you have TWO bodies: a physical, mechanical body, and an energetic (psycho-spiritual-EMF) one? Guess what: the further you go into learning about these bodies, you will actually find out there are two heart beats as well.
Now I’m not talking about the aortic pulse and heartbeat – which in most people because of diaphragmatic breathing causes them to drift upward to the solar plexus and throat, respectively – I am talking about a left heartbeat for a physical heart and a right heartbeat … a Qi-beat … for the energy body.

You may find it hard to believe, but actually if you practice long enough you will find this to be true. And when in rhythm, you can distinctly feel the faster, more energetic beating of your “right heart” versus your left. This is key to deeper systems of meditation.

For most people, though, just fixing the migrating aortic pulse and heartbeats which are drifting up onto the thymus and thyroid will do a world of good. Why?

The Fight or Flight system (Sympathetic Nervous System) is what causes our blood pressure to rise and leads to myriad diseases of the five viscera. Turning on the Rest and Digest (Parasympathetic Nervous System) will act to reverse this condition. Again, you don’t see many gorillas multi-tasking… who lives longer the tortoise or the rabbit? So breathing in the low abdomen and activating that PsNS is KEY to reducing inflammation, stress, and metabolic disorders. But most people are just trying to use the digest portion. You have to BREATHE.

At any rate, as you practice the abdominal breathing, you will be able to get silent enough, calm enough, and prescient enough to feel a heart beating in your throat and a thumping in your chest… this is “bad news bears”. Learn to “swallow” those pulses down to the navel and heart level… and this will suffice.

One day you, too, may feel your “right” heart through your Qi-pulse!

Meditators keep an eye out for the seminar, and keep reading the blog!

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