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Announcing a clearance sale. All the following items are for sale at cost:

  • Runovia/Hyaluronic Acid (the liquid stuff in your joints) – excellent for athletes and burning knee pain and cataracts
  • Yogi Brand Teas
  • Children’s Tinctures
  • Burn Cream
  • Loquat Syrup and Loquat throat candies

These are all great products, but due to slow movement, I’m removing them from our permanent shelf offerings at Lexington and Berea. Please come and get them soon!!

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I am looking for 3 people over the next several months

  1. A Personal Assistant in Lexington – prefer a veteran or office management background, must be great with computers, fast thinker, very loyal, a go-getter, likes varying types of tasks every day different, fast-paced, with occassional monotony, interested in a job that evolves into other things and dabbles into many types of activities. Must have a cell phone and car, part time leading to full time. Benefits with years of service. Background listed on Resume, no fluff, with 3 business references of recent employ. If a veteran must have honorable discharge or disabled discharge – you will be working with Veteran issues, so if the way veterans have been treated bothers you: great, we want your help! Phone answering skills/pronunciation must be great, good/clean vocabulary, likes people, no thick accents. Also, in general not looking to move away anywhere soon. 
  2. Acupuncturist for Lexington – looking for someone that wants to slowly work up towards managing the location, but not right away. A person that wants to learn the deeper secrets of Chinese medicine and philosophy, and integrate in the business. Probably start as an independent contractor – non-disclosure/non-compete required – then switch to commission. Must be highly energetic but also willing to conform to the system that has brought the company success. If you’re trying to start your own business or move away soon, this job is not for you! I am hoping for a parent, who understands the needs of a family business, wants stability, likes people, is sweet, and doesn’t mind very minor “hard work” like cleaning cups and running a vacuum once a week. A non-procrastinator. Someone that thinks creatively and makes no excuses. Someone, also, that is interested in long term helping me to create CEUs and PDAs for sale, and is interested in possible side-benefits. Long term, after 3 years of employ, benefits will include paid cell, portion of new car payments, license coverage, and optional buyin to profits, or even partnership. But this all must be earned through dedicated long term employ and conforming to the needs of the company, and not the company to you. Again: if you’re looking to be independent long term, this job is not for you. Even when managing the Lexington location, you will be part of a larger system/team. If, however you like team-work and access to infinite knowledge on Chinese Medicine, this job will fascinate you. Inquire by calling 619-408-6120 to speak with me: Ramon Careaga
  3. Acupuncturist for Berea – looking for someone to also move to Richmond/Berea area to manage the rural location. Someone that wants to integrate to an alternative college community and work on permaculture interests with me. Otherwise, similar description to the above.

Thank you for your time and attention,
-Sf. Ramon Careaga, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSEE

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1200 Versailles Rd, Lexington, KY 40508