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Just so people are aware, there are profound effects upon your CDN-meridians caused by the movement of magnetospheres and changing electric fields in the solar system. I’ve covered some of the lunar effects in my research, but suffice it to say the planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn have profound fields which radiate tons of material. Saturn is entering retrograde today.

You may feel increased agitation to change situations and make adjustments. Go with the flow as much as possible, but set boundaries and discipline yourself and children/family and employees, any who are subordinate, to avoid trouble later. Mostly though deal with things that are held up within yourself and correct all errant movements.

Separately I want to talk about the triangles (known as doshas in Ayurveda) in TCM (Zhongyi). They consist of triple sets of the 5 Elements:

  • Wood-Fire-Earth – the digestive and SNS vs PSNS axis
  • Wood-Earth-Water – the exocrine-endocrine axis, filtration and metabolism
  • Fire-Metal-Water – the neuro-endocrine system and the cardiovascular
  • Fire-Metal-Wood – dealing with the pscyhe, allergies, colon and depression
  • Water-Fire-Earth – dealing with the Kidney’s power to transform, and the thyroid to diaphragm axis

Several times a year these relationships, which are governed by control (but in a good way) are threatened by organs and channels abusing each other or failing to control, leading to stagnant nerve conduction and weakened metabolic processes, and these lead to emotional and mental aberrations which are NOT YOU but your body in an aggravated state causing you to be disjointed. If you can recognize pathology in one, and being related to something else, you can correct these triangular pathways yourself. If not, you need a reset of the 5 elements.  Sometimes rigorous sweating, sex, or exercise (cardiovascular, martial arts, wrestling, hiking, biking, etc.), or a strict diet or spiritual practice will do this for you, as the 5 elements touch all the layers of spirit, mind, body, and soul. But be aware that changes in the electro-magnetics and humidity outside, as well as one’s life conditions (karma) will after all influence your ability to actually accomplish this movement.

Just do something.  That will be better than waiting around for the next transformation but now from a losing position!

-Sf. Ramon

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